Chapter 1226: Feng Xiaoxiaos Birthday (3)

    Chapter 1226: Feng Xiaoxiao's Birthday (3)

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    Of course, there were exceptions to everything!

    For example, there were pills!

    If one fails their breakthrough, they would enter the Semi-Saint rank and would be unable to cultivate anymore. However, with the help of a pill, a cultivator could emerge from the Semi-Saint rank! The only thing was, pills like these were very valuable. They were very hard to find even ten thousand years ago.

    Gu Ruoyun never thought that she would find this pill formula in the ruins...

    The fire spiritual beast's eyes were filled with excitement. He stretched out his trembling claws and accepted the pill before swallowing it. A powerful force then erupted from his body with a bang, spreading throughout the Ancient Divine Pagoda.

    A Martial Saint!

    I can finally break through to the Martial Saint rank!

    The fire spiritual beast was so excited that he could not speak. He stared gratefully at Gu Ruoyun as his eyes filled with admiration.

    "It seems that this pill really can help a Semi-Saint to breakthrough." Gu Ruoyun thought for a moment before she said, "Now, you better consolidate the powers you've obtained after your breakthrough. Your powers are a little unstable because you had used a pill to promote yourself to become a Martial Saint. You'll need a few days to consolidate it."

    The fire spiritual beast quickly nodded his head, clearly still overjoyed.

    Gu Ruoyun took one last look at the fire spiritual beast before she left the Ancient Divine Pagoda...


    At Wind City.

    This was the only way into Wind Valley.

    A flash of red robes appeared in Wind City. There was a grim air on the man's handsome features. His straight brows were slanted towards his temples and the corner of his thin lips contained a cold firmness. He then walked into Wind City without further hesitation.

    Once he stepped into the city, he was spotted by the guards who were at the gate. They immediately rushed to inform Feng Xiaoxiao.

    "Is this true?"

    Feng Xiaoxiao instantly rose to her feet. Her eyes were filled with excitement as her delicate, pretty, and dignified face flushed red. "Is Grand Lord Hong Lian really here?"

    "Reporting to Eldest Lady, we have indeed spotted Grand Lord Hong Lian's arrival. That's why we've come back here to inform you."

    The guard joined his fists as he replied with reverence.

    "Alright, you can leave." Feng Xiaoxiao waved her hand as she held back the excitement in her heart. She then said, "Also, find out the name of the guest house that Grand Lord Hong Lian is staying in. I will go look for him shortly after this..."

    "Yes, Eldest Lady."

    After receiving his orders, the guard excused himself.

    In a room at the guest house, the red-robed man was sitting with his legs crossed in meditation. A gentle breeze drifted into the room which made his red robes flutter in the wind.

    Knock, knock, knock!

    Someone knocked on the door and the red-robed man slowly opened his eyes. A peculiar light then flashed in his grim gaze.

    "Who is it?"

    His voice was low and hoarse but its impact was like a hammer, slamming fiercely into the woman's heart even though she was outside the door.

    The woman's heart shivered as she stretched her hand out towards the room's door and gently pushed the door open. At that moment, the face which had haunted her thoughts day and night appeared within her sights.

    It's him!

    Grand Lord Hong Lian was indeed the man she had met before. However, she never thought that man would be him. Otherwise, she would have gone to the Red Lotus Territory to look for him.

    "Grand Lord Hong Lian." She took a deep breath and tried to restrain her rapidly beating heart. She then walked towards the red-robed man with a comforting smile on her pretty and dignified face. "I am the Eldest Lady of Wind Valley, Feng Xiaoxiao. I've come here specially to welcome you, Grand Lord Hong Lian. I hope you don't mind, Grand Lord Hong Lian."
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