Chapter 1228: Feng Xiaoxiaos Birthday (5)

    Chapter 1228: Feng Xiaoxiao's Birthday (5)

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    Grand Lord Hong Lian's eyes were dull as he replied emotionlessly like a machine, "Gu Tian."

    "Gu Tian?" Feng Xiaoxiao raised her willowy brows and chuckled softly, "This name really doesn't suit you but that's alright. As long as it's your name, I'll learn to like it. I have to leave now, my birthday is only a few days away. That day shall become our wedding day as well."

    Furthermore, it was the day that she would ascend to the position of Wind Valley's Valley Lord...

    Feng Xiaoxiao smiled as a murderous intent flashed in her eyes.

    Grand Lord Hong Lian has been bewitched by her so there was no need for her to put up a front for him. Instead, she reverted back to her vicious nature! If Wind Valley's members were to see this, they would certainly feel very shocked. In their eyes, the Eldest Lady has always conducted herself morally and was dignified and magnanimous. How could she possibly be this villain who was plotting to seize the throne?


    At Wind Valley.

    The Valley Lord, who was in the study, raised his head in shock when he heard what his daughter had just said. He stared at her face in astonishment and said, "Xiaoxiao, is this true? Grand Lord Hong Lian has agreed to marry you?"

    Feng Xiaoxiao nodded as she blushed. "Father, I had gone to pay Grand Lord Hong Lian a visit to discuss our marriage. Since he has agreed, I'd like to have my birthday and my wedding on the same day. Is that alright?"

    Grand Lord Hong Lian's power may not be very powerful now but his potential was limitless. As long as he could be nurtured, his name would eventually send shockwaves throughout the First City in the future.

    Of course, if Grand Lord Hong Lian was powerful enough, he would never have allowed himself to fall under a spell. The Charm Sect's glamor spell only works on those at a lower level of power...

    "Xiaoxiao, are you certain that Grand Lord Hong Lian has agreed to marry you?" The Valley Lord fell silent before he asked, "I heard that Grand Lord Hong Lian is still head-over-heels in love with his missing wife. He has been searching for her whereabouts for over twenty years. How could such a devoted man fall in love with someone else so easily?"

    Honestly, the Valley Lord's admiration towards Grand Lord Hong Lian had stemmed from one source. The Valley Lord greatly admires the Grand Lord's devotion to his missing wife.

    As a lovesick man himself, he naturally understood the feeling.

    Yet he never thought that Grand Lord Hong Lian would be so easily moved and give up on his wife whom he had been searching for many years.

    "Father, don't you believe me?" Feng Xiaoxiao tugged on the Valley Lord's arm and smiled. "Grand Lord Hong Lian has promised to marry me. He may be lovesick over his wife but his wife isn't alive anymore. That's why he had promised me."

    Feng Xiaoxiao lowered her head as she said those words. Tears filled her eyes as if she was feeling heartache for Grand Lord Hong Lian's sake.

    "Did you say that Grand Lord Hong Lian's wife is no longer alive?" The Valley Lord was shocked and felt great sympathy at the same time. As a lovesick man himself, he had hoped that the Grand Lord's story would have a happy ending.

    Feng Xiaoxiao gently pursed her lips and nodded. "Grand Lord Hong Lian had told me this himself."

    "Alright." The Valley Lord thought for a moment before he said, "I want Grand Lord Hong Lian to come and see me. I'd like to discuss the matters regarding the wedding."

    See him?

    How can that be possible!

    If Grand Lord Hong Lian really does meet my father, my lies would be exposed. Besides, my father would easily notice that Grand Lord Hong Lian has been bewitched.

    Furthermore, Gu Ruoyun was in Wind Valley as well!
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