Chapter 1229: Feng Xiaoxiaos Birthday (6)

    Chapter 1229: Feng Xiaoxiao's Birthday (6)

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    As a pill master, that woman would certainly have the power to awaken 1  Grand Lord Hong Lian!

    This was not the outcome that Feng Xiaoxiao desires!

    "Father, Grand Lord Hong Lian had to leave soon after arriving in Wind City as he had some matters to attend to. However, he has promised me that he would return on our wedding day. I want to take care of everything myself. All he needs to do is to return as the groom!"

    Feng Xiaoxiao smiled gracefully as she explained.

    Even if her father manages to notice anything peculiar about Grand Lord Hong Lian on the day of the wedding, it would be too late!

    Besides, that would also be the day for the Valley Lord to die! Even with Gu Ruoyun's powers, she would be powerless to defend her side. Why would she awaken Grand Lord Hong Lian from his spell then?


    The Valley Lord has faith in Feng Xiaoxiao and he nodded. "Xiaoxiao, if what you say is true, I will help to organize this wedding for you. I just hope that nothing will disturb this wedding and the groom will show up. If the groom fails to appear, Wind Valley will be made into a laughing stock in the First City."

    Fails to appear?

    Feng Xiaoxiao chuckled.  How could that be possible? Grand Lord Hong Lian is now under my spell so why should he disappear?

    "Father, don't worry, this kind of thing would never happen." Feng Xiaoxiao smiled and her eyes filled with a gentle light. "Besides, I know Grand Lord Hong Lian's name. I want you to send the wedding invitations out after this and ask everyone in the First City to send their blessings."


    The Valley Lord was unsure if he was being overly concerned but he could not shake the feeling that something was not right.

    Would a lovesick man like Grand Lord Hong Lian fall for another so easily? However, if that was not the case, why was Feng Xiaoxiao so certain that Grand Lord Hong Lian would make an appearance at the wedding? Nevertheless, his daughter has always been a reliable person from a young age so he feels quite at ease.

    She would never say this unless she has a complete guarantee!

    "Xiaoxiao, I'll believe you this time." The Valley Lord returned to his senses and said, "However, if Grand Lord Hong Lian does not appear at the wedding, you would be stripped of your position as the Young Valley Lord. Do you object?"

    Feng Xiaoxiao mentally sneered but showed no emotion on her face.

    This fellow has finally shown his true colors!

    She knows that her father intends to strip the position of Young Valley Lord from her and give it to his son.

    Unfortunately, he would never have that chance...

    "Father, I have no objections." Feng Xiaoxiao raised her head and turned to face the Valley Lord's grim features.

    She definitely has no objections.

    Very soon, she would not be the Young Valley Lord any longer but the Valley Lord who reigns above all!

    "Since you've agreed to my terms, I'll send out your wedding invitations now. Should any consequences arise, you will carry the responsibility yourself!"

    The Valley Lord's expression sank as he spoke in a dominating voice.

    "I understand." Feng Xiaoxiao lowered her head as a cold light flashed in her eyes. "I'll take my leave now."

    She then slowly turned around and walked out of the study...


    Everyone in the First City was well aware of the grudge between Grand Lord Hong Lian and the Lin family. It has even brought shame upon the Lin family. However, the fairy-like Eldest Lady of Wind Valley, Feng Xiaoxiao, was now going to marry him!

    This headline-worthy news was now spreading through the First City.
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