Chapter 1230: Feng Xiaoxiaos Birthday (7)

    Chapter 1230: Feng Xiaoxiao's Birthday (7)

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    "What did you just say?"

    At the Lin family residence, the old man slammed his hand on his desk and rose to his feet as he bellowed angrily, "That b*stard Grand Lord Hong Lian is going to marry the Eldest Lady of Wind Valley, Feng Xiaoxiao! If they do get married, it would be difficult for us to attack him!"

    "Master, everyone in the First City knows about this..."

    The footboy carefully looked at the old man and trembled with fear as he spoke.

    The old man threw his body heavily down on a chair as the expression on his elderly face changed erratically. After a long pause, he sighed, "You can leave. I need to think of a good countermeasure."

    "Yes, Master."

    The footboy quickly left, afraid that his Master would soon release his anger on his head.


    At a teahouse not too far away, a woman in white was sitting in a corner of the room as she slowly sipped her tea. A cold, distant air surrounded her features which were very similar to Gu Ruoyun's, putting off anyone around her who had any intentions of hitting on her.

    "Have you heard?"

    A voice sounded from inside the teahouse, "They say that Grand Lord Hong Lian is going to marry the Eldest Lady of Wind Valley."

    "When you say Grand Lord Hong Lian, do you mean he's the same one who is always going against the Lin family? The same Grand Lord Hong Lian who had grown into power while being hunted by the Lin family? Tsk, tsk. That Grand Lord is indeed very talented to be able to grow into such heights in the secular world! I also heard that when he was a high-level Martial Supreme, he had managed to escape after being surrounded by Martial Saints from the Lin family. He even managed to kill two Martial Saints!"

    The Lin family?

    The woman in white put the teacup down when she heard that name. Her willowy brows twitched as she silently listened in on the gossip.

    "However, regardless of how powerful Grand Lord Hong Lian is, he's no match for the Eldest Lady of Wind Valley. For a man from the secular world like him to be able to marry Feng Xiaoxiao, he's climbing up the social ladder. Oh, have you heard Grand Lord Hong Lian's real name? Apparently, his name is Gu Tian!"


    That news crashed into the woman in white like thunderstrike on a clear day, causing her body to tremble as she sat in the corner. The cold air surrounding her turned dense and soon filled the entire teahouse.

    She then picked up her sword and rushed out the door without a backward glance at the teahouse.

    The icy temperature in the teahouse dispersed once she had left.


    The news of Grand Lord Hong Lian's marriage to Feng Xiaoxiao has reached Gu Ruoyun's ears as well. When she heard the conversation, she raised her brows and a cold smile appeared on her face. "It looks like Feng Xiaoxiao is insisting on becoming my stepmother."

    Yunyao looked at Gu Ruoyun and asked, "Master, I don't think that Feng Xiaoxiao is the kind of person who would speak without thinking. Could something have happened to Grand Lord Hong Lian?"

    Gu Ruoyun fell silent for a moment before a cold glint flashed in her eyes. "Father isn't the type of person who can be easily manipulated! Besides, based on the situation, Feng Xiaoxiao isn't aware that I'm his daughter so she can't be using me to threaten him! I can't figure out what could have caused Father to agree to marry her."

    "Master." Yunyao fell silent for a moment before she asked, "Would you like to me to pay Grand Lord Hong Lian a visit and ask him what happened? At least you can feel more at ease."

    Gu Ruoyun's gaze darkened. "Alright, go and investigate the situation. I'm worried about him."
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