Chapter 1233: Feng Xiaoxiaos Birthday (10)

    Chapter 1233: Feng Xiaoxiao's Birthday (10)

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    Gu Ruoyun raised her brows and she turned to face the sky before saying, "He's here!"

    Feng Yuqing was surprised. He then followed Gu Ruoyun's eyes and looked in the same direction. A grim figure in red robes was descending before his eyes like a ball of fire shooting across the sky before he landed in front of everyone.

    "Hong Lian, you're finally here."

    Feng Xiaoxiao removed her red veil and stared at the man's handsome face lovingly. She started to make her way towards him but when she looked into the man's cold and emotionless eyes, she shuddered and paused in her footsteps.

    This can't be right!

    At that moment, Feng Xiaoxiao could clearly sense that something was not right. Grand Lord Hong Lian has been bewitched by her so why were his eyes so sober and calm? He does not look spellbound at all!

    What on earth is going on?

    Has the spell lost its efficacy?

    Feng Xiaoxiao was in shock. Before her brain could grapple the situation, the man's grim voice rang out in the courtyard, "Didn't Wind Valley send me an invitation to attend the Eldest Lady of Wind Valley's birthday celebration? Why is there a wedding here? I should congratulate you."


    His statement was like a stroke of lightning from the sky and stunned everyone in the area.

    What was Grand Lord Hong Lian talking about? Was he not the groom? Yet he seems to be unaware that there was a wedding in Wind Valley today?

    The Valley Lord looked at Feng Xiaoxiao as his eyes filled with questions and skepticism, urging her for an explanation.

    "Hong Lian, are you alright?" Feng Xiaoxiao smiled gracefully as she walked towards Grand Lord Hong Lian. Her pretty eyes were shining with a clear and crystalline light while her voice was like the wind, "Have you forgotten? We had discussed this, that we would get married today."

    So what if he has temporarily freed himself from the spell? I can still control him!

    There was a confident smile on Feng Xiaoxiao's face and her eyes flashed with an alluring light. Her voice sounded like she could lure one's soul into its shackles and cling to them.

    However, Grand Lord Hong Lian's expression remained unchanged even when faced with her alluring eyes. There was a sense of disdain in his grim eyes as his lips curled into a cold and hard angle. He then whispered in a voice so low that only the two of them could hear, "Did you really think that you could bewitch me?"

    He had pretended to be under her spell at that time because he wanted to watch and see what this woman plans to do!

    He never thought that she would actually want to marry him!

    In that case, he might as well beat her at her own game and let her do as she pleased! Otherwise, he would not have been able to deliver such a crushing blow under these circumstances and completely humiliate her! This was price Feng Xiaoxiao has to pay for causing trouble for his beloved daughter.

    Grand Lord Hong Lian's words were like a stroke of lightning on a clear day and made Feng Xiaoxiao stumble several steps back. She widened her beautiful eyes in shock and stared at Grand Lord Hong Lian with an ashen face.

    This fellow was faking it when he was under my glamor spell?

    What on earth have I done to cause him to use this method against me?

    "It looks like the dignified Eldest Lady of Wind Valley would drag some random man into marriage with her." Grand Lord Hong Lian laughed icily and his grim voice carried a hint of disdain. "I'm very sorry but I'm here to attend a birthday celebration, not to take a wife! Besides, I already have a wife. Even though she is not by my side at the moment, my heart will forever belong to her alone! I'm afraid your efforts in making me marry you are wasted!"
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