Chapter 1235: A Family Reunited, Except Shengxiao (2)

    Chapter 1235: A Family Reunited, Except Shengxiao (2)

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    "Hong Lian," Feng Xiaoxiao raised her pretty brows and stared hurtfully at the red-robed man's handsome face. "Have you truly forgotten about when we had first met a few years ago? I've never forgotten about you after all these years. Why did you forget about me?"

    She would never forget it. That very year, when she had received news of unearthed ruins in the secular world, that was the first time she had left the First City and journeyed out towards the ruins.

    That was also the place where she had met Grand Lord Hong Lian! She had been attracted to his peerless magnificence at the time.

    A man like that would be delightful no matter where he was. He would also be the center of focus.

    Yet, after her unrequited love of so many years, he has forgotten all about her...

    "I did not forget you."

    The man's voice was cold and grim. His red robes looked stern and domineering amidst the great winds.

    Just as Feng Xiaoxiao was beginning to rejoice, the red-robed man spoke again, "You had made things difficult for my precious daughter back at the Medicine Sect. I would remember you even if you have turned to ashes! As for everything else you've just said... Apologies, in this world, I have no need to remember an insignificant person or matter!"

    An insignificant person or matter...

    Those words were like a sharp needle piercing fiercely into Feng Xiaoxiao's heart and caused her to stumble backward. She shook her head and smiled bitterly as she stared at Grand Lord Hong Lian.

    "If you didn't have a wife, would you have married me?"

    She was holding on to one last hope and wished that she could hear the answer she dearly wanted to hear.

    If she could have that one answer, she would not make things difficult for Gu Ruoyun today for Grand Lord Hong Lian's sake. She would even let the father and daughter go.


    However, the man's voice was just as cold and grim as ever and crushed her one last hope into nothingness.

    Feng Xiaoxiao closed her eyes in agony. After a long pause, she opened them again. Her beautiful eyes no longer displayed their initial gentleness and her gaze was now filled with a cold light. She glared icily at the handsome face before her.

    Hong Lian, since you insist on being heartless, don't blame me for being unjust!

    I've already given you a chance yet you do not appreciate it. Since that's the case, I won't spare that daughter of yours! As for you... I will bind you to me for the rest of your life so that you will never know freedom again!

    "Hehe," The Sky Sect Master laughed icily and sneered with disdain. "Valley Lord, I see that Grand Lord Hong Lian simply does not like your daughter at all. He never even knew that he would be a groom today. Could it be possible that you are forcing him to marry your daughter?"

    The Valley Lord's expression was an extremely ugly sight as he glared icily at Feng Xiaoxiao. There was a disappointed look in his eyes along with a formidable domineering light.

    Clearly, Feng Xiaoxiao has thoroughly let him down today!

    "Feng Xiaoxiao, you had solemnly made a vow before me earlier on and swore that Grand Lord Hong Lian would most certainly marry you. If the outcome does not turn out as such, you would surrender your position as the Young Valley Lord. Now, you are no longer the Young Valley Lord of Wind Valley! This position shall be returned to Qing'er."

    The Valley Lord straightened his sleeves as he declared this statement firmly.

    Feng Xiaoxiao's expression has now turned even whiter than before. Suddenly, she burst into laughter. Her laugh was extremely harsh and sounded like a ghost weeping in the forest.

    "Father, no matter what I do, I cannot be compared to Feng Yuqing in your heart."

    She lifted her head and looked at the Valley Lord as her eyes filled with deep agony.

    If her father had not removed her position as the Young Valley Lord due to her defeat, perhaps she would never have broken down like that. Yet, no matter what she does, she could not change his cold, hard heart!
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