Chapter 1236: A Family Reunited, Except Shengxiao (3)

    Chapter 1236: A Family Reunited, Except Shengxiao (3)

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    Aside from Feng Yuqing, no one else could touch this man's cold heart.

    "Feng Xiaoxiao, you've become too much of a disappointment." The Valley Lord then shook his head as glanced at Feng Xiaoxiao and said, "No matter what I say, you refuse to listen and you insist on your stubborn ways. Now, as a result, you've dragged Wind Valley down as a joke for everyone in the world. We've become the laughing stock of First City!"

    Feng Xiaoxiao laughed bitterly before saying, "If I were Feng Yuqing instead, I doubt that you would be as furious as this. You would forgive him in the end but it's not the same for me. You will never treat me the same way you've treated him. We are both your children so why do you treat us so differently?"

    "It's very simple!" The Valley Lord laughed icily. "Because Qing'er is born of my beloved and you are a product that I never wished to have! If your mother had not schemed against me, do you think that you would have come into existence?"

    Obviously, Feng Xiaoxiao had angered the Valley Lord into madness until he had exposed Wind Valley's dark secret.

    Didn't she ask for an answer?

    Alright then, I shall tell the world why I'm not fond of Feng Xiaoxiao! Even better, now would be a good time to give Feng Yuqing a chance to officially reclaim his title!

    "Xiaoxiao, even though your birth was not what I wanted, I have never treated you poorly in all these years!" The Valley Lord sighed as he spoke exasperatedly, "If you had not created such a huge issue, I would not have removed your title as the Young Valley Lord either. You only have yourself to blame for the price you've paid today!"

    You only have yourself to blame for the price you've paid today!

    Those words made Feng Xiaoxiao's entire body tremble. She then burst into maniacal laughter, tearing up as she laughed. Her face was now filled with madness. "You say that you've never treated me poorly? Why didn't you marry my mother back then and instead pushed me into being raised by Feng Yuqing's mother? Why was Feng Yuqing's mother allowed to be the official wife and my mother... Did not even have the position of a lowly concubine? We are both your children yet you favored him! Even if he was hedonistic, even when he was a good-for-nothing, you still cared for him. You've never shown me your care, not even a bit!"

    She held back her laughter. Her pretty eyes no longer displayed their initial calmness. Instead, her gaze was icy as she stared at the Valley Lord.

    "That's right, I may have failed today but so what? From now on, the seat of Valley Lord shall be mine! You and that damned son of yours can go to hell!"

    The Valley Lord was shocked and he stared at Feng Xiaoxiao's vicious gaze with disbelief. "What did you just say? Say it again!"

    "Hmph!" Feng Xiaoxiao scoffed icily. "Don't think that I don't know this but ever since Feng Yuqing has managed to recover his powers, you've been wanting to hand the position of Young Valley Lord to him. I've formed an alliance with the Charm Sect so that both of you can follow each other into hell. Don't worry, in my hands, Wind Valley will grow stronger than ever! I will nurture it into a first-rate organization in the First City!"

    "Feng Xiaoxiao, do you know what you're saying?!"

    Elder Feng was enraged and he rose to his feet immediately. He gathered a ball of wind in his hand before he fiercely slammed it towards Feng Xiaoxiao's back. His eyes were filled with rage as he roared, "Kneel down and apologize to the Valley Lord!"


    Just as Elder Feng's hand was about to land on Feng Xiaoxiao's back, a figure flashed in front of him and blocked his attack from landing. That figure glared icily at Elder Feng and said, "Elder Feng, you are just as brash as ever. Unfortunately, after today, Elder Feng will no longer exist in Wind Valley!"

    "Elder Bai, do you want to commit treason as well?" Elder Feng gritted his teeth and asked in grief.
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