Chapter 1237: A Family Reunited, Except Shengxiao (4)

    Chapter 1237: A Family Reunited, Except Shengxiao (4)

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    No matter how much he and Elder Bai do not get along, he never thought that Elder Bai would become a traitor!

    Besides, in his heart, Feng Xiaoxiao would never have done something like this before.

    "Hehe," Elder Bai laughed icily. "So what if I'm a traitor? Elder Feng, do you think you can stop all of us on your own?"

    At that moment, the elders which Feng Xiaoxiao had pulled to her side long ago rose to their feet and stood collectively in front of Elder Bai, blocking elder Feng and protecting Feng Xiaoxiao behind them.

    "You..." Elder Feng's eyes turned red with anger. His gaze pierced through the crowd and onto Feng Xiaoxiao's back, holding one last hope upon her. "Eldest Lady, I know that you are unsatisfied over the Valley Lord's biased behavior, that's why you have betrayed us. As long as you apologize to the Valley Lord, I will beg him to be merciful to you. Despite everything else, the Valley Lord is your father. He's your father who had given you life, nurtured you, and has never punished you! He might favor Feng Yuqing but he's treated you very well all these years. He has even made painstaking efforts to bring you up."

    To Elder Feng, Feng Xiaoxiao was like a child who was acting out. A child like that could be forgiven.

    Unfortunately, he did not understand that Feng Xiao would never turn back now, no matter what.

    "Elder Feng, I've always wanted to rope you over to my side all these years but you were much too loyal to my father." Feng Xiaoxiao slowly turned around and faced Elder Feng as she curled her lips. "I can give you a chance now. Serve me, or follow my father and his son to hell!"

    Elder Feng flared with anger and he clenched his fist in a tight grip. "Feng Xiaoxiao, is this what you really want?"

    "That's right, I've waited a long time for this day to come! If Father did not give the position of Young Valley Lord to Feng Yuqing, I wouldn't need to take such an extreme measure! His favoritism is to blame for all of this. Even if he dies by my hand, it would be his own fault!"

    "Eldest Lady, you've misunderstood the Valley Lord's sentiments. Even though he favors the Second Young Master, he would never have stripped you of your title as the Young Valley Lord before you made that mistake." Elder Feng shook his head and sighed. "A few days ago, the Valley Lord and I had discussed that he would hand over the position of Valley Lord to you. However, you've disappointed him too much now."

    "Do really expect me to believe that?" Feng Xiaoxiao laughed icily and sneered with disdain. "So what if you're speaking the truth? It has come to this stage now and I can't turn back. Furthermore, I can tell you one more thing. Feng Yuqing's heavy injuries that year? I was behind it all! Only, I never thought that you would manage to save his life. Still, what was the use in that? He had been reduced to a good-for-nothing and was of no threat to me."

    Her gaze then shifted and she turned towards Gu Ruoyun. Murderous intent flickered in her eyes as she said, "Yet you had led this woman here and allowed her to restore Feng Yuqing's powers! If he had remained as a good-for-nothing, I would still have let him live for the time being. Hence, the person who has really caused harm to Feng Yuqing is her!"


    Just as she said those words, a hand was flung straight towards her and her body was sent flying out of the way with one slap. She then landed with a crash into the middle of the crowd.

    The Valley Lord was clenching his fist so hard that a cracking sound could be heard. His eyes no longer displayed their initial uneasiness. Instead, they were now filled with rage.

    "You were the one who had tried to kill Qing'er that year. The funny thing was, I never realized this and I even handed the title of Young Valley Lord over to you!" The awe-inspiring presence from his aura has spread throughout the area as he glared at her with eyes spitting fire, "Feng Xiaoxiao, he's your little brother. For the sake of obtaining the title of Young Valley Lord, you've tried to murder your little brother whose blood also flows in your veins!"
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