Chapter 1238: A Family Reunited, Except Shengxiao (5)

    Chapter 1238: A Family Reunited, Except Shengxiao (5)

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    The Valley Lord was in grief. Even though Feng Xiaoxiao's birth was not what he had wanted, he still showered her with endless wonders and honors. He had never treated her unfairly either. He never expected that, in Feng Xiaoxiao's eyes, this was what she was thinking all along.

    Until she had even crippled her own brother!

    Grand Lord Hong Lian raised his brows but his grim eyes showed no sign of emotion. He never thought that he would have the chance to witness such a good show upon his arrival in Wind Valley.


    Feng Xiaoxiao burst into laughter and her laugh was like that of a deranged maniac. She no longer had the image of her once gentle and noble self.

    "So what if I had killed him? I will never spare anyone who stands in my way! Father, this is the last time I will address you in this manner! From now on, you will disappear from this world, never to be seen again!"

    "And you're going to achieve that?"

    Elder Feng has lost all intentions of persuading her and he glared icily at the deranged Feng Xiaoxiao. "Feng Xiaoxiao, even if you've roped in so many elders to your side, it's of no use! These people alone are not enough to defeat the Valley Lord and me!"

    "Oh, really?"

    Just as Elder Feng had spoken, an alluring voice chimed in, causing his furious heart to tremble.

    "If you include me, I wonder if you would still be able to defeat us?"

    A seductive figure then stepped out from the crowd. The woman's gorgeous face carried an entrancing and seductive smile, her footsteps were lithe and graceful, and her posture was elegant and coquettish. The crowd unconsciously turned their attention towards her.

    "Are you telling me that the Charm Sect intends to intrude on Wind Valley's matters?" The Valley Lord's expression was an ugly sight to behold. His cold and distant eyes were now turned towards the peerlessly beautiful lady.

    The beautiful lady puckered her lips into a gentle smile as she shifted her charming eyes towards the Valley Lord in a sideways glance. "I've promised Feng Xiaoxiao that I would ensure her ascension to the position of Valley Lord. As a prerequisite, she would present the fire spiritual beast clan as a gift to me."

    "Yue Ling!"

    The Valley Lord was furious and his expression has turned chilly. "My powers aren't very different from yours. Do you really think that you can defeat me? If you insist on helping Feng Xiaoxiao, don't be surprised if I act discourteously!"

    "Hehe." The beautiful woman named Yue Ling pouted her lips and giggled before she sent the Valley Lord a coquettish glance. "Honestly, I am reluctant to kill you. After all, the Charm Sect and Wind Valley have enjoyed a good relationship for so many years. If you agree to warm my bed, perhaps I might spare your life."

    Yue Ling's words were a great insult to the Valley Lord.


    A powerful energy exploded from within him. Wind gathered into his fist as he charged towards Yue Ling at top speed and flung his fist towards her beautiful face.

    "Did you really think that I would step forward without any guarantee after having the boldness to make an enemy of you?" Yue Ling calmly curled her lips. A then light flashed across her beautiful eyes. "It is true that I cannot kill you on my own based on your level of power. However, what if we had included him as well?"


    The Valley Lord was stunned when a heavy attack slammed fiercely onto his back. Unable to defend himself in time, his body was flung downwards and landed on the ground with a crash. A mouthful of blood spurted from his mouth and his grim features grew extremely pale.

    "I'm sorry." The Sky Sect Master laughed icily. "I love watching Wind Vally under these circumstances the most so I've made an agreement with the Charm Sect, that I would help them out. Originally, Wind Valley has numerous traps so I could never have caused trouble here. However, if there's anyone to blame, blame Feng Xiaoxiao's wedding today. After all, she had given me an invitation as well. How could I have given up on such a great opportunity?"
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