Chapter 1239: A Family Reunited, Except Shengxiao (6)

    Chapter 1239: A Family Reunited, Except Shengxiao (6)

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    Actually, the Valley Lord had not been too worried about the Sky Sect Master's presence.

    Based on his level of power, there was no need for the Valley Lord to fear him.

    However, the Valley Lord never expected that the Charm Sect and Sky Sect would join forces to defeat him!

    Feng Xiaoxiao was shocked as well. She had only asked the Charm Sect's Master to help her out and she never thought that the Sky Sect would lend a hand as well. This means that she has an even better chance at winning now!


    "Valley Lord!"

    Feng Yuqing and the other Wind Valley members turned very pale. They then hurriedly rushed to the Valley Lord's side and helped him up from the ground.

    The Valley Lord coughed out another mouthful of blood. He then glared at the two people standing before him with an ugly look on his face and exclaimed, "I never thought that this day would come. Yue Ling, had you planned this out in advance? Besides, I'm guessing that you're not merely vying for the fire spiritual beast clan alone but the whole of Wind Valley instead!"

    Yue Ling laughed before she replied, "That's right, you're absolutely right. The fire spiritual beast clan is not an attractive enough offer for me to take action. Indeed, I intend to take over the whole of Wind Valley. The funny thing was, Feng Xiaoxiao had thought that I was sincere when I offered to help her."


    Feng Xiaoxiao's expression instantly turned pale and she stared at Yue Ling in dismay. "Sect Master, this is not what we had discussed. You had promised to help me ascend to the position of Valley Lord, why have you gone back on your word now?"

    "Idiot!" Yue Ling sneered. She refused to spare Feng Xiaoxiao's pale face a second glance as she swept her gaze through the people around before fixing her gaze upon Grand Lord Hong Lian. She then licked her lips and laughed in fascination before saying, "I hear that Grand Lord Hong Lian is extremely devoted and has been searching for his beloved wife for more than twenty years. How touching."

    Grand Lord Hong Lian laughed icily. His eyes were grim and cold as he replied, "You flatter me."

    "I'm not paying you a compliment. Instead..." Yue Ling covered her lips and giggled coquettishly. Her beautiful eyes were now filled with a charming light. "My greatest fault is this; I can't bear to see lovers find a way to come together in this world! All lovers must be ripped apart! Do you know how the Valley Lord had fallen into a scheme that year? I had a part to play in that. Otherwise, did you really think that a mere servant girl would have been able to seduce him?"

    The Valley Lord's eyes widened and he stared at Yue Ling's charming face in shock. His cold features were filled with disbelief.

    Feng Xiaoxiao's existence was possible because this woman had secretly played tricks in the past?

    Furthermore, this fact had been concealed from him for so many years!

    "Did a man abandon you? Is that why you're so bitter?" Gu Ruoyun raised her brows with a tight smile as she looked at Yue Ling's alluring face.

    Clearly, she had hit the nail on the head, causing Yue Ling's expression to change drastically. However, she quickly recomposed herself and gently curled her lips. "Actually, I am rather jealous of that woman who is constantly in your mind. Do you know how blessed she is to have someone who loves her so deeply that they would refuse to remarry for the rest of their life for her sake? A woman who is blessed with a partner like hers are the ones I cannot tolerate most of all. Therefore, you must be separated!"

    She licked the corner of her lips and her eyes became even more charming by the minute.

    "Grand Lord Hong Lian, I am rather interested when it comes to you. Why don't you come back with me to the Charm Sect, how about that?" said Yue Ling as she raised her hand to touch Grand Lord Hong Lian's handsome face.

    However, before her hand could reach Grand Lord Hong Lian, a rolling aura from within the latter's body caused her hand to stiffen in place.

    Her movements gradually turned sluggish.
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