Chapter 1240: A Family Reunited, Except Shengxiao (7)

    Chapter 1240: A Family Reunited, Except Shengxiao (7)

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    "Get lost!" The man's voice was cold as he roared angrily with a sharp and aggressive dominance.

    Yue Ling's face lifted into a smile. "Grand Lord Hong Lian, why are you so angry? If you come with me, I can guarantee that I'm so much more powerful than the woman you've been yearning for! I would even give your daughter a chance to join the Charm Sect. She could even become my direct disciple. I can offer you such great benefits! Why don't you give it a careful consideration? Your wife is only one woman, she's not worth discarding your entire future for."

    A cold smile had crept up onto Gu Ruoyun's face as she listened to Yue Ling's words and a murderous intent gradually appeared in her clear and cold eyes.

    Obviously, Yu Ling was already tugging at her last nerve.

    "Hehe, are all of you taking advantage of my absence and coveting my man? Do you all think that I'm dead?"

    Just then, a cold and indifferent voice pierced the horizon and rang in every ear.

    Grand Lord Hong Lian's body turned rigid the instant he heard that voice. He slowly raised his head and his eyes turned towards the direction where that voice had sounded from. His movements became extra cautious as if he was afraid that he was hearing things.

    Or, perhaps, this was all a dream...

    A woman in white robes appeared out of thin air before his very eyes like a celestial being from a painting...

    His gaze no longer displayed his usual cold and grim air. A wave of excitement had slowly appeared in his dark eyes.

    He had lost count of how many dreams he has had of that face. Each time he woke up, all he could see was an empty, lonely, and deserted home. Without her, all he could feel was an endless chill...

    It has been more than twenty years!

    Who could imagine how he had managed to endure her absence in those twenty years?

    If it had not been for the thoughts of her which continued to drive and support him, he would have given up long ago!

    Grand Lord Hong Lian's lips twitched a little, wishing that he could call out her name but he was afraid that this would become another dream. If he made any sound, perhaps she might disappear!

    If this was really only a dream, he would willingly stay asleep for the rest of his life. As long as he could gaze upon her from afar, that was enough.

    "Who are you?"

    Yue Ling's eyes turned cold as she stared at the woman in the sky and asked.

    "You're coveting my man and still you ask who I am?" The woman in white robes curled her lips in an indifferent manner. Her incomparably enchanting face was shrouded in a cold light. Her gaze then shifted from Yue Ling towards Grand Lord Hong Lian and Gu Ruoyun who were standing not too far away.

    "Brother Tian."

    She landed from the sky and walked towards the man in front of her with lithe and graceful steps.

    The cold light dissipated and the woman's body seemed to be enveloped by a warm glow. All eyes were fixed upon her as the crowd followed her every move.

    "I've finally found you, brother Tian..."

    The woman in white stopped once she arrived face-to-face with Grand Lord Hong Lian. She then gazed at the man before her with a deeply loving and gentle smile.

    The man reached his trembling hand out, yearning to touch the woman in white's face yet afraid that she would disappear. He did not have the courage to let his large, sturdy hands touch her face. His eyes were filled with passion as he stared at her. unblinkingly. It was as if no matter how long he stared at her, it would never be enough.

    "Brother Tian, we haven't seen each other for over twenty years. Don't you have anything to say to me?"

    The woman in white smiled gently as she took Grand Lord Hong Lian's hand and placed it on her face.

    At that moment, she felt the great tremors in the man's hand very clearly, just like a heartbeat.


    Grand Lord Hong Lian murmured gently. His voice clearly trembling as he said, "Is it really you? Yu'er..."
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