Chapter 1242: A Family Reunited, Except Shengxiao (9)

    Chapter 1242: A Family Reunited, Except Shengxiao (9)

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    Dongfang Yu then turned her eyes towards Feng Xiaoxiao. Her gentle gaze instantly turned ten thousand times more chilly and her lips were curled into a cold smile.

    Feng Xiaoxiao's expression became extremely pale as she staggered backward.

    She had clearly been bothered by the affectionate exchange between the two of them and felt a great agony in her heart almost as if ants were gnawing on it. She bit her lip as she glared jealously at Dongfang Yu's incomparably beautiful features.

    "Yu'er, Feng Xiaoxiao had previously tried to attack our daughter. I had come here to avenge our precious daughter."

    Terrified that Dongfang Yu would have some sort of misunderstanding, Grand Lord Hong Lian quickly explained himself 1  .


    Dongfang Yu raised her brows. "One tiny little Wind Valley has the audacity to touch my daughter?"

    Dongfang Yu's heart was filled with extreme guilt when it comes to her children, the Gu siblings.

    For the past twenty over years, she and Gu Tian had been unable to stay by the siblings' side and had to leave them in the Gu family home. Knowing the members of the Gu family, they would not have had an easy time over the years. They must have suffered an infinite amount of grief!

    Hence, when Dongfang Yu heard that Wind Valley had dared to push Gu Ruoyun around, she was thoroughly enraged!

    "Father," Feng Yuqing helped the Valley Lord move to the side and supported him as he sat down. He then turned his eyes towards Dongfang Yu who was dressed in white and standing in the middle of the courtyard. "This woman is very powerful!"

    The Valley Lord turned towards Feng Yuqing in astonishment. "Do you know her?"

    Feng Yuqing nodded, "I once watched her fight a black dragon. That black dragon couldn't even retaliate against her attack before it was slain. Lady Gu was there at the time as well but I never thought that this woman was actually Lady Gu's mother."

    Feng Yuqing then sighed emotionally. At the time, he was still in shock over the woman in white's power yet he never thought that he would see her again so soon.


    Feng Xiaoxiao laughed softly, "I really envy you, you've managed to get a man who would persistently wait for you for over twenty years! Even though I don't feel satisfied, I can't help but admire you! Unfortunately, no matter what, you'll never get to leave this place. The Charm Sect and the Sky Order will never let you escape. Besides, the Sect Master of the Charm Sect has already mentioned that she loves separating lovers most of all. Your man will soon walk into her bed."

    Feng Xiaoxiao could not help but feel a cold aversion towards Yue Ling's wicked tastes. However, she really hoped that Yue Ling could break them up.

    No one should have anything that she could not have!

    "You don't have to worry too much about that because very soon, you will die here."


    Dongfang Yu raised the longsword in her hand and aimed it squarely at Feng Xiaoxiao. Her voice was now as cold as ice, completely different from how she was when she had spoken to Grand Lord Hong Lian and Gu Ruoyun.

    Feng Xiaoxiao's body shuddered and she slowly closed her eyes. Her pale features look as if she has chosen to face death with no regrets.

    "I've done many things in this life but I've never regretted any of them! If you gave me another chance now, I would still choose to struggle for my future!"

    "Eldest Lady!"

    Elder Bai and the rest of the elders shook and cried out in panic. However, no one dared to run forward and block Dongfang Yu's sword.


    The icy-cold sword pierced through Feng Xiaoxiao's throat. Fresh blood then began to spill out like a fountain before she slowly closed her eyes and he crumpled stiffly onto the ground...

    The Valley Lord sighed and closed his eyes, unable to bear the sight of it.

    Regardless of how great Feng Xiaoxiao's sins have been, a wave of unbearable agony still washed over his heart as he witnessed the moment of her death. Nevertheless, he still had to go through with the unbearable agony and he also understood that Feng Xiaoxiao had to die!
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