Chapter 1243: A Family Reunited, Except Shengxiao (10)

    Chapter 1243: A Family Reunited, Except Shengxiao (10)

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    Based on everything she had done to Feng Yuqing, the valley Lord could never let her get away with it!

    Even if Dongfang Yu had not reacted, he would have killed him in the end anyway!

    "It's your turn now."

    Dongfang Yu slowly turned around and looked at Yue Ling who was right behind her. "You have coveted my husband and hurt my daughter!" she said icily. "These two offenses are enough reason for me to not spare you! You can choose to surrender and await your fate or a fight to your death!


    Yue Ling laughed icily and her lips curled into a sarcastic smile. "Even the Valley Lord is no match for the both of us, what makes you think you can take us on? I absolutely enjoy making lovers suffer so I'm going to kill your daughter in front of you. I will also make you watch your man beg for mercy beneath me. Only then will my anger be appeased!"


    A sharp ray of sword-light with a dense and cold air rushed towards Yue Ling, carrying.

    A cold smile flashed in Yue Ling's eyes and she dodged the attack in a flash.


    The sword-light hit the wall and caused it to crumble, turning into a pile of ruins.

    "Brother Tian, leave this woman to me!"

    After Dongfang Yu had spoken, her white robes instantly flashed and appeared right in front of Yue Ling.

    Yue Ling drew her weapon immediately and blocked Dongfang Yu's attack which was powerful enough to smash a bamboo.


    Their swords clashed against each other and a powerful wind rose from the ground. The two weapons then released a great power, instantly destroying the stone tables around them into dust which were then blown away by the wind.

    Yue Ling's heart instantly clenched and she stumbled several steps back. Her face no longer displayed her initial contempt and was now replaced with a wave of seriousness.

    "I never expected you to have some pretty substantial powers." Yue Ling licked the corners of her lips and her voice was seductive and moving as she said, "With such great power, you're probably not from some average organization. I wonder where you've come from?"

    Dongfang Yu laughed icily and replied indifferently, "I'm not from any order or faction. I work alone!"

    She was not from any order or faction?

    Yue Ling's eyes flickered. As long as she was not from that organization, killing her would not be much of a problem.

    "Hehe," Yue Ling laughed icily at the thought of this. "If you're not from any organization, you can only blame it on your own bad luck for running into me! Sky Order Master, let's attack together and kill this woman!"


    The Sky Order Master nodded before he shot into the sky and landed in front of Yue Ling.

    "What, is this a power play now?" Dongfang Yu curled the corners of her lips indifferently as her eyes landed upon Yue Ling's alluring face. "However, I, Dongfang Yu, am born fearless of anyone who uses power play! No matter how many people come at me, I will kill them all!"


    Instantly, her fluttery white robes shot into the sky once again. A light flashed and a ray of light from her sword slashed right down.

    "Father, aren't you going to give Mother a hand?" Gu Ruoyun turned towards Grand Lord Hong Lian as she raised her brow and asked.

    Grand Lord Hong Lian laughed, "Yun'er, while I don't know where your mother has been all these years, seeing the scale of her powers now, I can tell that she must have been increasing her powers over the course of these past few years. Just wait and see, those two are no match for your mother."

    Gu Ruoyun lifted her lips into a slight smile. She had witnessed Dongfang Yu slaying the black dragon with her own eyes.

    Hence, no one knows better than her of the true scale of Dongfang Yu's powers.


    After hearing the amount of confidence Grand Lord Hong Lian has in Dongfang Yu, Gu Ruoyun's heart filled with relief. After so many years, these two sweethearts have finally met again.
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