Chapter 1244: A Family Reunited, Except Shengxiao (11)

    Chapter 1244: A Family Reunited, Except Shengxiao (11)

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    "Is that all you can do with your combined powers?"

    Dongfang Yu had taken two steps back, lifted her head and turned towards the two in front of her as she spoke in a disdainful voice.

    Her attackers have very ugly looks on their faces and their eyes were filled with viciousness. They looked at each other before charging towards Dongfang Yu again.

    They were almost face-to-face with Dongfang Yu when she disappeared without a trace, stopping them in their tracks.

    "Opposing Heavenly Slash!"

    As they were searching for Dongfang Yu's whereabouts, an ice-cold voice suddenly sounded. Their bodies shook and by the time they had turned around, a powerful force had slashed down from the sky towards the ground with a loud crash.

    Yue Ling began to pant feebly. There was a particularly ugly look on her face. She knows she would have ended up badly injured from the attack if she had not avoided it in time. She might have even lost her life.

    The Sky Order Master, on the other hand, was not as fortunate. Blood had begun to trickle from his forehead and his entire face was soon drenched in red. It was a rather sinister sight.

    "You've managed to survive my first hit?" Dongfang Yu glanced at the sword in her hand before she sighed, "Looks like my powers aren't strong enough yet."

    Her words angered Yue Ling so much that she nearly vomited a mouthful of blood.

    Not only had this woman managed to escape from their combined attack without a scratch, she has even inflicted heavy injuries on the Sky Order Master! Yet now, she was whining about her failure to kill the Sky Order Master in one blow?

    Does she need to be so infuriating?

    At that moment, Yue Ling no longer dared to act with carelessness. She fixed her gaze which was full of vigilance upon Dongfang Yu as she stumbled backward.

    "Who was it that you had wanted to kill and who was the one who should beg for mercy from you?" Dongfang Yu's icy glare turned towards Yue Ling as she slowly descended from the sky. The longsword in her hand released an icy chill, making one tremble with fear. "My husband is not someone that you can eye covetously nor can you hurt my daughter! If you should ever try to make any plans over them, I will take this sword and kill you with it!"

    There was not an ounce of warmth in the woman's chilly declaration. It made Yue Ling's heart tremble continuously.

    She had been too careless in the end!

    She had assumed that no one would protect Dongfang Yu because she was not from any sect or order and had completely ignored her opponent's own level of power.


    Yue Ling waved her hand as she tried to lead the Charm Sect members out of the area.

    Then again, why should Dongfang Yu give her that chance?


    Just as the Charm Sect disciples were about to make their move, a ray of light flashed in front of them. Instantly, their throats were sliced open and blood gushed out from the wound before they all crumpled to the ground without any warning.

    "You..." Yue Ling's body trembled.

    Those Charm Sect disciples were all geniuses yet she had killed them all in one strike!

    "Are you trying to escape?" Dongfang Yu laughed icily. "Did you think that it would be that easy?"

    "Dongfang Yu, what do you want?" Yue Ling stumbled backward and exclaimed icily. "Don't forget First City's rules! A large-scale massacre is not allowed in the First City. Otherwise, the Great Protectors will never leave you alone."

    Dongfang Yu looked at Yue Ling and sneered, "So what? I'm avenging my husband and daughter, I'd love to see what the Protectors plan on doing to me!"

    As the Sacred Lady of the Secret Order, she does not need to fear the Great Protectors!

    If they do try to pressure her, she does not mind using the Secret Order to destroy those so-called Great Protectors!
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