Chapter 1246: A Family Reunited, Except Shengxiao (13)

    Chapter 1246: A Family Reunited, Except Shengxiao (13)

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    Dongfang Yu pulled Gu Ruoyun into her embrace and her eyes were filled with a gentle light.

    "I'm sorry that I've left you and Shengxiao alone in the West Spirit Mainland all these years and your father and I have not been able to stay by your side. But don't worry, once our family is reunited again, I won't let anyone hurt any of you."

    Grand Lord Hong Lian did not say a word. Instead, he walked towards the two of them and scooped them both into his arms.

    Gu Ruoyun's heart shook and she gently lowered her eyelids.

    In her past life, her father, Xia Ming, was an animal! He had even killed her mother with his bare hands! As a result, she has never enjoyed the love of both parents! Now, her father and mother were very much in love and her family was reunited. Nothing could be better than this.

    The entire courtyard fell silent as they observed the soft and comforting scene. No one disturbed the family of three and they could only sigh as watched.

    Elder Bai was trying to shrink his presence as much as possible, terrified that they would turn their attention to him. He swept his cowardly gaze across the crowd as he carefully stepped back, trying to take an advantage of the crowd's distraction to sneak away.

    However, just as he had taken a few steps, an elderly figure stood in his way and exclaimed icily, "Elder Bai, where do you think you're going?"

    That voice was like a stroke of lightning beside his ear, causing Elder Bai's body to stiffen. He laughed in embarrassment and replied in a flattering manner, "Elder Feng, you can see that the Eldest Lady is dead now. Won't you let me off on account of our many years of friendship?"

    "You want me to let you off?" Elder Feng laughed icily. "It's too late for that! You've helped the Eldest Lady to try to usurp the throne and this is a crime punishable by death! No one can save you now."

    Elder Bai's body trembled and he closed his eyes in despair. His heart was filled with regret.

    If I had known that this would happen, why would I have allowed myself to be influenced by the Eldest Lady and lend her my aid?

    "Valley Lord," Grand Lord Hong Lian turned towards the Valley Lord of Wind Valley and said, "I'll leave the remaining evils of Wind Valley and the Sky Order members to you."

    The Valley Lord nodded, "Alright, I can take care of the rest myself. However, I thank you both very much today. If it had not been for you two, I'm afraid that my position as Valley Lord would be in jeopardy!"

    However, the Valley Lord could not understand why the Charm Sect had found the courage to attack Wind Valley.

    Do they not fear being punished by the First City's authorities?

    After all, First City's rules do not allow for such a large scale battle!

    "Yu'er, Yun'er. Let's go," said Grand Lord Hong Lian as he placed his arms around Dongfang Yu and Gu Ruoyun. He then laughed, "We've finally found each other after so much difficulty. Now, we're going to enjoy the happiness of a family reunion. As for everything else, there's no need for us to do anything."

    Dongfang Yu's old and distant demeanor changed as she placed her head on Grand Lord Hong Lian's chest, poised in the manner of a little woman. Her eyes were filled with a gentle light.

    Grand Lord Hong Lord then led his wife and daughter out of the place before flying off into the distance...


    The glow from the moonlight was clear as water.

    In the guest house, Gu Ruoyun was seated on her bed in meditation. Suddenly, a purple figure appeared by her side. That person's handsome face carried a demonic smile as he said, "Little girl, our work is done. It's time for us to leave WInd Valley now."

    Gu Ruoyun opened her eyes before she replied, troubled, "Xiao Ye and I had made an agreement to meet up in Wind Valley. It's been quite a while and he hasn't appeared. Do you think that something might have happened to him?"
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