Chapter 1247: A Family Reunited, Except Shengxiao (14)

    Chapter 1247: A Family Reunited, Except Shengxiao (14)

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    "Don't worry, he's very powerful and most people would be no match for him."

    Even though Zixie does not like Qianbei Ye, he has to admit to his abilities.

    That man was very powerful. If he could regain his peak power, he would become invincible!


    When Zixie thought of everything that the man had done, a murderous intent flashed in his demonic eyes.

    If that man was bold enough to do anything to this little girl, Zixie would kill him even if he had to place his life on the line!

    Though Qianbei Ye has stayed by Gu Ruoyun's side all these years and has even saved her from danger many times, Zixie still does not fully trust him! Unfortunately, Gu Ruoyun trusts Qianbei Ye completely so Zixie had no choice but to grudgingly accept the situation...

    However, each time he thought of the close intimacy between the two, Zixie's heart would fill with sour notes.

    "I hope so."

    Gu Ruoyun sighed and her eyes remained full of anxiety.

    "Father and Mother will be heading towards the Lin family residence tomorrow yet Qianbei Ye still hasn't arrived. I'm concerned over whether I should wait for him or go with my parents?"

    Zixie fell silent for a moment before he turned his purple eyes towards Gu Ruoyun. "You can make your own decision. No matter what you do, I will support you! Little girl, I want you to understand that Qianbei Ye isn't the only one by your side, I'm also willing to keep you company for the rest of your life. Besides, we are contracted as well. With our connection via the contract, not even the laws of heaven can tear us apart."

    Gu Ruoyun was stunned and she turned in astonishment towards Zixie's handsome face. "I know that you will stay with me, Zixie, but what do you mean?"

    "Little girl," said Zixie as he placed his hands on Gu Ruoyun's shoulders. His demonic features have transformed from his usual impish expression to a never-before-seen seriousness. "Everything that Qianbei Ye can give you, I can give them to you as well. I can do even more than he can! Don't you know that every time I watch you get hurt, I would wish that I was the one in pain instead?"

    No one knows how much his heart hurts each time he saw her body covered in scars, each time he had awakened.

    Hence, whenever he entered into slumber, his heart would fill with worry, afraid that she would fall into danger during that period of time.

    Yet this little girl does not seem to notice his fears and would riddle herself with scars every time. Time and time again, she would even get close to death.


    Something caught Gu Ruoyun's attention, and her heart shook. She then turned around slightly and stared into the dark night outside the guest house. "You were the one who has stayed by my side the longest since I had been reborn. You were also the one who has watched over me as I've grown. You would come out to save me each time I was in danger. You are my most important friend and even without the existence of this connection via contract, your place in my heart will never change."


    Zixie slowly put his hands down. He would forever remain as a friend in this little girl's heart.

    "Little girl, who is more important in your heart? Is it me or Qianbei Ye?"

    Gu Ruoyun lowered her eyelids and a small smile formed in the corners of her lips. "If anything happened to you one day, I would give everything to avenge your blood feud! Even if I have to lose my life to avenge yours, I would not hesitate! However, if anyone kills Qianbei Ye, I would also avenge his blood feud. Once that is done, I'll make the proper arrangements with my family, relieve you of your contract and return you all to freedom before following him into oblivion."
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