Chapter 1252: A Family Reunited, Except Shengxiao (19)

    Chapter 1252: A Family Reunited, Except Shengxiao (19)

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    Gu Ruoyun raised her brow. She could sense the old man's great power.

    However, she found it very strange that such a powerful old man would fall into the hands of Wind Valley!

    "I don't understand, based on the level of your power, how could the clan members end up being terrorized by Wind Valley?"

    The old man laughed bitterly. "Before running into WInd Valley, I had a lot of trust in humans. However, the Eldest Lady of Wind Valley, Feng Xiaoxiao, had schemed against the fire spiritual beasts and captured a few of the weaker clan members of the younger generation. If humans had not been so cunning, the young ones of our clan would not have fallen into their clutches."

    Feng Xiaoxiao?

    Gu Ruoyun was astonished, she never thought that Feng Xiaoxiao would actually do such a thing.

    Yet, how old could Feng Xiaoxiao possibly have been at the time? To have such deep schemes at such a young age, this Feng Xiaoxiao was far more complicated than she had imagined.

    It was a good thing that she was no longer in this world. Otherwise, she would have become Gu Ruoyun's greatest rival in the future!

    "Feng Xiaoxiao is dead." Gu Ruoyun slowly lifted her gaze and continued, "Hence, the fire spiritual beast clan is now free again."

    The old man's eyes flickered with excitement but it died out very quickly. "I've always known that Feng Xiaoxiao would meet such an end."

    Gu Ruoyun raised her brow and eyed the old man with shock, "How are you so sure?"

    "Hehe," chuckled the old man. "Previously, Feng Xiaoxiao had once paid me a visit and asked for my help to assassinate the Valley Lord of Wind Valley. I had rejected her then because I don't wish to be involved in the conflict between humans. Otherwise, the fire spiritual beast clan would surely disappear from this world."

    "By rejecting Feng Xiaoxiao, weren't you afraid that she would use the young ones of the fire spiritual beast clan to threaten you?"

    "No." The old man shook his head. "Feng Xiaoxiao would not dare do such a thing. If she really did put her hands on the fire spiritual beast clan, she would never be able to endure the fiery anger of the entire fire spiritual beast clan! Besides, without the young ones, what would she use as a means to threaten us? I could agree with her other condition. The only request was that I would never participate in this large-scale battle. Otherwise, we would receive punishment from the First City! Anything that involves harming the entire clan is something that I cannot do. It's a good thing that Feng Xiaoxiao is dead, the fire spiritual beast clan can finally return to peace and quiet."

    "Clan Leader."

    Upon hearing this, Huo'er stepped out and exclaimed, "The reason why the fire spiritual beasts have been set free again is through Gu Ruoyun's efforts. After Feng Xiaoxiao's death, she was the one who had asked Wind Valley to release the clan members. Besides, she had gone against Feng Xiaoxiao for the sake of the fire spiritual beast clan."

    The old man's eyes filled with shock and he stared at Gu Ruoyun with surprise. "Little girl, you've saved the fire spiritual beast clan?"

    Gu Ruoyun calmly replied, "I didn't do it to save the fire spiritual beast clan, I was only doing it to help Huo'er. He's now the little brother of one of my contracted spiritual beasts. Helping him return his family to freedom was just something that I should do."

    After hearing Gu Ruoyun's response, the old man laughed bitterly. "Humans were the ones who had hurt the fire spiritual beast clan. I never thought that it would be a human who would end up saving us as well. I really don't know if I should continue to trust humans at all in the future. However, little girl, you've helped the fire spiritual beast clan so you're our benefactor. If there's anything that you ever need in the future, let me know. I will definitely help you out."

    "It doesn't stop there, Clan Leader, she's even helped me to increase my power," Huo'er boasted proudly. "I'm no longer a Semi-Saint now. As of some time ago, I've already broken through to the Martial Saint rank."
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