Chapter 1255: Lin Family, Revenge (2)

    Chapter 1255: Lin Family, Revenge (2)

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    "What did you say?"


    An old man's fist landed heavily on a desk in the Lin family home. He then rose to his feet and roared with an ashen look on his face, "Dongfang Yu has reappeared? She has also destroyed the Sect Master of the Charm Sect? We're finished, this time we are certainly finished. My powers are nowhere as impressive as the Charm Sect members. If Dongfang Yu comes here to exact her revenge, I have no way of fighting back."

    The old man was pacing back and forth anxiously as his elderly face grew into an increasingly ugly sight. After a while, he seems to have reached a decision and gritted his teeth. "It looks like I'll have to ask for help."

    At this point, only that Lord could help him now...


    "This place is called Forest City and is also the territory where the Lin family resides."

    The woman's figure paused in her footsteps outside the city gate. Gu Ruoyun then gently curled the corners of her lips and calmly remarked, "Father and Mother should be in Forest City now, I'll have to figure out a way to find them."

    It goes without saying that Gu Ruoyun was quite a lucky person. As soon as she had stepped into Forest City, she stumbled upon Dongfang Yu who was having a dispute with someone.

    "Don't you know who I am?"

    Murong Qian placed her hands on her hips and glared angrily at Dongfang Yu who was standing in front of her. "I am a member of the Murong family," she snapped in a willful and sulky manner. She then continued, "You had the guts to run into me yet you arrogantly refused to apologize. Are you trying to dig your own grave?"

    Grand Lord Hong Lian furrowed his brows as he pulled Dongfang Yu into his arm and laughed icily. "It was you who has bruised my wife and you're trying to blame her. Is the Lady of the Murong family so unruly and willful? So savage and unreasonable?"

    "Hmph!" Murong Qian scoffed icily and sneered, "Because I am a young lady from the direct line of descent of the Murong family, whatever I say is the truth! Whom amongst you would dare to disobey me? The Murong family is one of the Great Protectors. Our power and influence fill the skies. How many people in the First City would dare to disrespect me like you two?"

    Murong Qian admits that she had indeed been the one who bumped into Dongfang Yu first.

    However, she had just heard news of Qianbei Ye's whereabouts and was rushing over there to capture him.

    In addition, she was a young lady from the direct line of descent of the Murong family and has received protection from everyone around her from a young age. How could she let anyone oppose her words now?

    "Little maiden." Dongfang Yu's cold and distant eyes landed upon Murong Qian and her voice was as cold as ice, "The Murong family does indeed hold great power but there are people in this world whom you should not provoke! I'm not your mother, it's not like everyone has to tolerate you."

    Murong Qian laughed icily.

    Grandfather had once told me that the only people I should never provoke are the Secret Order, especially their Sacred Lady! She's one person that I should never offend.

    However, I've also heard that this Sacred Lady is a woman that the Lord Clan Elder had taken it from outside the First City. She has neither kin nor relatives, she only pays attention to her own morals and gives no thought about others. This woman before me has a husband by her side. Clearly, she is not that legendary Sacred Lady of the Secret Order.

    Since that's the case, why should I be afraid of her?

    "All of you, attack!"

    Murong Qian's gaze darkened and a cold light flashed across her eyes. "Take these two back to the Murong family home. I want to make them understand that offending the gods is better than offending me!"

    "Eldest Lady." Upon hearing this, the old man behind Murong Qian furrowed his brows in dissatisfaction. "Don't we have other more important matters to attend to? Besides, as one of the Great Protectors, if the Murong family lashes out here, gossip would be unavoidable."

    This Eldest Lady was spoiled rotten until she was now undisciplined and out of control. She would never place any importance on others.

    "I don't care!" Murong Qian glared furiously at Dongfang Yu and her husband. "You are going to capture these two. I want them to know that there's a price to pay in crossing me!"
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