Chapter 1260: Lin Family, Revenge (7)

    Chapter 1260: Lin Family, Revenge (7)

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    "Only the people who oppose the Lin family's orders should die?" Gu Ruoyun gently raised the corner of her lips as a murderous intent came whirling from within her. "Does that mean that the Lin family members can kill a group of innocent villagers without mercy? Those villagers had never done anything wrong. All they did was to take me in yet you had let your hatred out on them and murdered all those innocent lives!"

    Gu Ruoyun's heart would throb painfully and the murderous intent in her heart would deepen whenever remembers the devastation at Wind Fall Village.

    "They never knew about the grudge between us. Besides, those villagers did not have one drop of power in them, they weren't even cultivators! They were only average citizens who lived in Wind Fall Village yet you completely ransacked the entire place. How is this any different from bandits?"


    Lin Yun scoffed icily and replied with disdain, "They had taken you in, that was their greatest mistake. The Lin family members have never questioned whether the opposition is innocent or not. If we want to kill them, we'll kill them. People who don't have any shred of power are simply a waste of space on this earth! Killing them can be considered as the Lin family members' big contribution to the mainland! As a cultivator of this mainland, all of you should be thanking me for this service!"

    That was right, in the eyes of the Lin family, ants with no powers have no right to exist.

    If they had killed them, it would be within their right to kill them. Who would dare say any other word against them?

    Gu Ruoyun took a deep breath to quell the boiling rage in her heart. Her eyes have grown increasingly cold and icy as she stared emotionlessly at the disdainful Lin Yun.

    "Father, I'd like to handle him personally to avenge those innocent villagers!"

    Lin Yun may not be the true culprit behind the Wind Fall villagers' massacre.

    However, if he had not educated his subordinates in this manner, those people would never have slaughtered so many innocent villagers so cruelly!

    This was a debt that she had placed on Lin Yun's head.


    Grand Lord Hong Lian nodded. "If that's what you want to do, go ahead! I will take on the consequences!"

    "Vermillion Bird."

    Gu Ruoyun curled her lips indifferently as she softly summoned the Divine Beast.


    Instantly, a fiery-red figure appeared in front of her.

    The figure was an extremely adorable little lolita. Her round face looked innocent and naive while her pink, cherubic cheeks made one feel a forceful urge to pinch it. She blinked her large, fiery-red eyes and looked as beautiful as a porcelain doll.


    Lin Yun does not have the boldness to treat her as an average child because an average child would never appear out of thin air.

    There could only be one possibility!

    This fellow was a spiritual beast!


    Lin Yun drew in a sharp breath at the thought of this.

    A spiritual beast who could appear so secretively out of thin air, how powerful could she be?

    Initially, he had thought that Dongfang Yu was the one who holds the most terrifying amount of power in their group. He never thought that Grand Lord Hong Lian's growth would have been so rapid but what shocked him even more now was that their daughter would have such a powerful spiritual beast as well.

    He finally understood why, despite sending so many assassins, not a single one of them had returned!

    "Hehe, I guess it's true, you won't find a puppy in a tiger's den!" Lin Yun laughed scornfully. "Grand Lord Hong Lian and his wife are already so powerful, one shouldn't underestimate their offspring either. I have really underestimated your entire family! However, did you really think that you could kill me just like that?"

    Gu Ruoyun did not seem to hear Lin Yun's words. "Vermillion Bird, I want his body to be placed inside your flaming cage, unable to live or die!" she ordered indifferently. "He won't be able to break free and will suffer from the flames forever. Can you do that?"
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