Chapter 1261: Lin Family, Revenge (8)

    Chapter 1261: Lin Family, Revenge (8)

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    The Vermillion Bird blinked and nodded. "I will use my Vermillion Bird flames to deal with him, Master. My Vermillion Bird flames won't burn the flesh but will scorch the soul. However, as long as his flesh is not destroyed, the soul will never disappear! He will have to suffer the agony of being burned by the flames for all eternity and he would be turned into a good-for-nothing by the flames."

    "Alright, place him in the flaming cage so he can reflect over everything he's done in this life!"

    Not only had the Lin family tore my parents apart, they had also schemed against Gu Shengxiao as well.

    Even those innocent villagers had died by the Lin family's hand.

    With this kind of hatred, how could she let Lin Yun die so easily? She would make him endure this torture for all eternity, never able to die!


    Lin Yun's eyes widened in shock. He then propped himself up from the ground and crawled to his feet before he stumbled several steps back. His elderly face has become increasingly pale as his heart pleaded for those people to hurry up and rush over. Otherwise, he believes that this group would never spare him!


    Just as a powerful flame rose from the Vermillion Bird's body, someone shouted angrily from the sky and the atmosphere was suddenly filled with dense murderous intent.

    "Vermillion Bird, ignore him, continue!"

    Gu Ruoyun faintly curled her lips into a smile. She knew that Lin Yun had been sprouting nonsense to stall for time. Nevertheless, so what if those people have arrived? She certainly would not spare him so easily.

    "Lord Wen Luo, save me!"

    Lin Yun's eyes flashed with a pleasant surprise at the sight of his reinforcements. He quickly cried out for help.


    Suddenly, an endless flame kindled from the ground and spread out around him, forming a circle.

    The raging flame that rose from the circle began to burn his body.


    Lin Yun screamed shrilly and he rolled on the ground in agony, wishing that he could run out of the circle of flames. However, his attempts were futile as there seems to be a force field around the circle. No matter how much he rammed his body at it, he could not leave the flames at all.

    "My Vermillion Bird's flames will never disappear, not even in a thousand years!" The Vermillion Bird blinked as she grinned at the shrieking Lin Yun. "You should just enjoy yourself here! As long as your flesh is intact, your soul will remain! Hence, you can endure a thousand years' worth of torture within my flames."

    Lin Yun was filled with regret. He deeply regrets that he never broke the First City's rules and killed these people in the first place.

    Otherwise, he would never have had to endure this kind of torture...

    Flames that could burn for a thousand years. Why not let him die a little faster? However, he understood that Gu Ruoyun would never let him die so easily...

    Each time Lin Yun remembers how he would have to suffer this torture for a thousand years, his shrieks would grow even shriller. He howled and shrieked so wildly that it horrified everyone in sight.

    Now, he had placed his last and only hope on the person who had just arrived.

    As long as he could kill Gu Ruoyun, perhaps Lin Yun could leave this place...

    "I ordered you to stop, didn't you hear me?"

    Wen Luo, who was dressed in white robes, stood in the sky. His voice was filled with rage as he spoke coldly.

    Gu Ruoyun raised her head towards the man in the air before raising the corners of her lips indifferently. "The Wen family of First City? I never thought that the members of the Wen family would love to meddle in the affairs of others so much! You would even want to stick your nose into my personal grudge against the Lin family."

    "The rules of First City state that no one is allowed to destroy other organizations without permission. Are you saying that you want to ignore the rules?"

    Wen Luo raised his head arrogantly as he swept his disdainful gaze across the crowd below him.
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