Chapter 1263: Lin Family, Revenge (10)

    Chapter 1263: Lin Family, Revenge (10)

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    So what if the Wen family was in the wrong?

    As long as he does not admit this mistake, they would never be in the wrong at all.

    "Grand Lord Hong Lian, I understand your rage. As long as you spare the members of the Lin family, I will give you all another chance." Wen Luo held back his rage as he replied arrogantly, "No one can oppose the rules of First City."

    "To hell with the rules!"

    Grand Lord Hong Lian was so angry that he exploded with curses. There was a furious look on his handsome face as he said, "I, Gu Tian, have never been one to play by the rules. All I know is that everytime someone crosses me, I will return the favor to them ten times more! Besides, this ignorant fool, Lin Yun, had sent someone to kill my daughter! If I don't kill him, how can I satisfy the rage in my heart?"

    "Since you insist on being stubborn, I have no choice but to bring you down!"

    Wen Luo laughed icily. He had been worried that he would not get an opportunity to kill these people but Grand Lord Hong Lian has provided him with a rather good opening.

    Those who break the First City's rules must die!


    An angry flame exploded from Wen Luo's being and expanded throughout the entire courtyard, spreading destruction. Even the firm Lin family home's walls were reduced to rubble by his aura. A ferocious then wind erupted and Wen Luo, who was standing amidst the strong winds, gained a powerful and commanding presence.

    "Brother Tian."

    Dongfang Yu patted Grand Lord Hong Lian's shoulder before she stepped out and said, "Wen Luo is rather powerful, you won't be a match for him alone. What do you think if we join forces and defeat him together?"

    "Let's do that. Hahaha!"

    Grand Lord Hong Lian burst into wild laughter. His laugh was filled with an air of dominance and sharpness, haughty and uninhibited, "Yu'er, we haven't fought side-by-side in a very long time. This time, let's combine our forces and defeat our enemies just like we did twenty years ago, alright?"

    Dongfang Yu giggled gently. In her opinion, as long as she was by Gu Tian's side, everything was a kind of happiness.


    Gu Ruoyun lowered her eyelids and calmly asked, "If they are unable to defeat the enemy, I want you to come out and help them."


    Zixie's gentle yet gruff demonic voice answered from within her soul.

    Gu Ruoyun finally put her anxiety down when she heard this. Her gaze then turned towards the two parties on the battlefield...

    "Grand Lord Hong Lian, honestly, I really admire your abilities. Unfortunately, we can only ever be enemies!" Wen Luo burst into laughter as the space between his brows filled with arrogance. "Since we're fated to be enemies, I have no choice but to kill you before you've completed your growth!"


    After he spoke, he immediately raised his fist and dashed it heavily towards Grand Lord Hong Lian's face...


    On a mountain range not too far away, the members of the Murong family heard the commotion from that battle. They could not help but stop and turn their eyes towards Forest City behind them. One of them wrinkled their brows as they asked, "What's going on over there? Why do I sense the Wen family's aura?"

    "Why should we care so much?" Murong Qian was full of anxiety. "We're looking for that b*stard, Qianbei Ye, now! Everything else has nothing to do with us!"

    "Eldest Lady, the Governor had once given the order that we, the Three Great Protectors, must stand together no matter what. Only then will we be able to manage the First City effectively! If the Wen family is in danger and we did nothing to save them, it would be difficult to endure the Governor's punishment!"

    He paused at this point of the conversation before continuing, "Besides, the Wen family would never attack anyone without cause. Something must have happened, we must investigate!"
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