Chapter 1264: Love Rival (1)

    Chapter 1264: Love Rival (1)

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    Murong Qian was very irritated but she could not say anything against that. She stomped her feet angrily and spat sulkily, "Fine, Elder, let's get this over with and hurry back. If that kid Qianbei Ye gets away, I don't know when we'll be able to find him again."

    "Don't worry, we'll resolve the fight very quickly and help you find Qianbei Ye."

    The elder smiled calmly but his expression was filled with exasperation.

    The Eldest Lady may be the direct descendant of a Great Protector but she chooses to run around willy-nilly chasing after a man. If this gets out, the entire Murong family name would be put to shame. Besides, that Qianbei Ye person had never expressed much interest in her.

    However, the elder also understood the Eldest Lady's character. The more unobtainable the object, the more she would work and take painstaking efforts to obtain it!

    "Come, let's head back to Forest City!"

    The elder steadied his expression as he ordered in a cold voice.


    At the courtyard in the Lin family residence, the sounds of battle had completely covered Lin Yun's mournful shrieks. The entire courtyard was now filled with smoke and dust.

    "Your attacks are useless!"

    Wen Yan laughed and spat disdainfully when Grand Lord Hong Lian attacked him again. He then met the Grand Lord's attack.

    Their fists collided in the air with a crash. A huge amount of energy was discharged, badly mutilating the nearby Lin family disciples. However, Wen Luo, who had sharply educated Gu Ruoyun and the others in a self-righteous manner, was not very concerned about this. He had no pity for the casualties on the Lin family's side.

    Grand Lord Hong Lian took several steps back. His red robes had fluttered open from the sheer force of that attack, revealing his buff and healthy physique.

    Even though he was dressed shabbily at the moment, it could not hide his magnificent stature.

    "Brother Tian."

    Dongfang Yu's eyes flashed as she turned towards Grand Lord Hong Lian. Her icy gaze then turned to look at Wen Luo as a cold aura whirled from within her.

    "Wen Luo."

    Just as the situation between both parties has grown more serious, an indifferent voice suddenly sounded from the sky. The crowd then watched as a group of old men and a young woman pierced through the sky and headed towards the space above the Lin family home.

    "It's you!"

    Murong Qian recognized Dongfang Yu immediately and laughed icily. "This is indeed an inevitable clash between opposing factions. I never thought that the source of this disturbance would turn out to be you two!" she exclaimed in disdain.

    Dongfang Yu did not expect the Murong family to come back here either. She raised her willowy brows but the cold air from within her did not diminish. Instead, her chilly aura soon turned the entire courtyard glacial until all of them felt as if they were living in a house made of ice.

    "You're here?" Wen Luo glanced at the Murong family and his face no longer displayed his initial arrogance. "Since you're here, let's join forces and kill these people!"

    Wen Luo glared scornfully at the husband and wife before him as he spoke. In his eyes, they were nothing better than dead meat. His lips were curled into a cruel angle.

    "What? The dignified Great Protectors are going to oppress us with their numbers?" Dongfang Yu smiled coldly. Her face was shrouded in a cold light as her eyes stared icily at the group who had just arrived.


    Murong Qian's entire face looked very haughty as she replied in a rough, spoilt, and headstrong manner, "Sl*t. Initially, I had intended to let you off the hook yet I never thought that you would serve yourself up on a silver platter for us to kill you! The Great Protectors have power and influence under the heavens. Not only have you offended the Murong family but you've also provoked the Wen family. Do you think that you'll be able to walk out of here alive?"
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