Chapter 1265: Love Rival (2)

    Chapter 1265: Love Rival (2)

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    "Yun'er, you should move further away."

    Dongfang Yu lowered her head as her lips curled into an ice-cold angle. "Our fight might spill over to you later!"

    "Don't worry." Gu Ruoyun shook her head. "You can rest assured, I'll take care of myself."

    Dongfang Yu nodded when she heard this and turned away, returning her attention to Murong Qian.

    "Initially, I had not wanted to be calculative with you because you look like you've been spoiled rotten from a young age. However, since you insist on causing trouble for me, I, Dongfang Yu, am no coward either. I don't care if you belong to one of the Three Great Protectors, I'd love to see if the First City's Governor will protect you!"

    "What savage words." Wen Luo laughed icily. "Our Lord Governor has never been concerned over the First City's matters. Everything is left to us, the Three Great Protectors, to manage however we want! Of course, I'm afraid that the Lord Governor will never grant you an audience based on your status so you'd better stop asking for trouble!"

    "What are you all chatting with her for?" Murong Qian gritted her teeth and snapped vexingly, "Kill this woman immediately!"

    Wen Luo furrowed his brows, clearly unhappy with Murong Qian's orders. However, he did not say much else as he turned his arrogant gaze upon Dongfang Yu.

    "Even with your powers combined, the two of you are of no match for me. Now, with so many people joining the fight, you have no chance of winning at all! Grand Lord Hong Lian, let me ask you one more time, do you regret the massacre you've committed?"

    Grand Lord Hong Lian burst into laughter. "I never believed that I've done anything wrong. They are all people who deserve to die! Are you saying that you will only allow the Lin family members to kill me but I cannot retaliate? If this is the system of regulation in the First City, a place where all cultivators would dearly crack their heads to enter, I can only say that it doesn't live up to its reputation at all."

    "Hmph!" Wen Luo scoffed coldly and exclaimed with a flick of his sleeves, "I've already given you one last chance yet you've wasted it. In that case, I must kill all of you for the sake of the mainland's common folk!"


    As Wen Luo's rage was rising, someone chuckled softly.

    His facial expression turned even angrier as his eyes glared at the chortling Gu Ruoyun, "What are you laughing about?"

    "Once upon a time, there was an organization which was far very similar to the Wen family in the West Spirit Mainland." Gu Ruoyun raised the corners of her lips into a forced smile. "That place was known as the Immortal Realm. I believe the Lin family will have some inkling of this! The Immortal Realm was once one of the Three Great Authorities of the mainland but only the magistrates were allowed to burn down houses while the common people were forbidden even to light lamps. To them, they had the right to kill anyone they wanted while anyone else who does the same will be condemned as savages, worst than beasts!"

    Gu Ruoyun raised her head and turned towards Wen Luo's increasingly ugly expression as her smile grew even more pronounced.

    "The Wen family and the Immortal Realm are cut from the same cloth. Looks like there are organizations like these everywhere."

    Wen Luo laughed icily, "Do you know why? That's because we hold this world in our hands. As the people who hold absolute control over this land, we can kill but you can't! It's your fault for lacking the power to surpass me! Therefore, you have no choice but to accept the rules we've set. If you dare to oppose us, you will die!"

    "I hope you remember what you've just said today."

    Gu Ruoyun glanced at Wen Luo calmly and softly murmured, "Zixie, come on out."
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