Chapter 1266: Love Rival (3)

    Chapter 1266: Love Rival (3)

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    As soon as she had spoken, the sky turned pitch black. A ray of purple light then shot into the air, turning into a purple phoenix which covered almost half the sky. The heavens were now fully blanketed by dark clouds, making the purple phoenix look particularly striking.

    "This little girl is my Master. If anyone dares to lay a hand on her, I don't mind killing all of you."


    A ray of purple light encircled the phoenix's body. Its body gradually grew longer within the light. After a period of time, a handsome, demonic-looking man in reddish-purple robes slowly stepped out into the sky.

    Murong Qian's eyes turned from astonishment to surprise as she stared, mildly dazed, at Zixie who had stepped out from the void.

    The most gorgeous man she had ever met in this lifetime was the silver-haired and crimson-robed Qianbei Ye. She never thought that there was anyone in this world who would be on the same level as Qianbei Ye in terms of looks. However, Qianbei Ye's beauty was the kind of beauty which could drive all living things into insanity. The man in front of her was demonic and godlike, making it hard for one to tear their eyes away from him.

    "Be it Qianbei Ye or this man, I want them all 1  !"

    Murong Qian narrowed her eyes.  This man is very powerful, he's certainly on par with Qianbei Ye. If I can have this man and make him loyal to me, perhaps I could use his power to bring Qianbei Ye to me!

    As for this man...

    Even though he's more beautiful than I could have ever imagined, unfortunately, he is still a spiritual beast!

    As a spiritual beast, he will always only exist as a tool for humans. Which human would want to marry a spiritual beast?

    Of course, if Murong Qian had never met Qianbei Ye, she might have put Zixie into consideration as well...

    "Eldest Lady."

    The elder shook his head in exasperation. How could he have been so blind? To the Eldest Lady, she will always get what she wants no matter what!

    This applies to Qianbei Ye and the spiritual beast in front of them as well.

    As long as she fancies them, she must obtain it!

    "The Ancient Divine Phoenix?"

    Dongfang Yu recognized Zixie's identity immediately and turned towards Gu Ruoyun in astonishment.

    She certainly never expected her precious little daughter to hold such a powerful spiritual beast in her possession!

    "Let's attack together!"

    Wen Luo's eyes darkened as he commanded in a cold voice, "No matter how powerful this fellow is, he's only one person while there's so many of us. Why should we be afraid of him? Besides, if we can obtain such a powerful spiritual beast, this will greatly boost the Great Protectors' powers. By then, no one would be of any match for us."

    The elder did not reply as he stared at the man who was descending from the sky. His eyes were filled with seriousness.

    "Wen Luo, we'd better be careful. I can sense that his power is not like any other. Besides, unless my guess is wrong, he's the mythical Ancient Divine Phoenix!"

    The Ancient Divine Phoenix!

    Those words entered into Murong Qian's ears and made her gnash her teeth with jealousy. "Why had the Ancient Divine Phoenix acknowledged such a Master? Such a precious thing should be stored for safe-keeping in the First City! Elder, don't kill him. Otherwise, it would be too much of a waste. I want this phoenix to recognize me as its Master!"

    She then raised her head and stared at Zixie. Her eyes were filled with a determination for victory.

    Zixie had caught every single word of their conversation and that made his demonic face rise into a disdainful smile. He then slowly turned his purple eyes towards the crowd on the ground before gently lifted his hand...
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