Chapter 1268: Love Rival (5)

    Chapter 1268: Love Rival (5)

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    After all, the further one has advanced, the harder it was for them get another breakthrough.

    Hence, it was not easy for anyone to witness a fight amongst cultivators at this stage.

    This was why Gu Ruoyun had been observing everyone's movements very closely during the fight. There was nothing else within her sight right now except for the figures in the battlefield which were reflected in her clear and cold pupils.

    "Is this a fight between cultivators in the refined state?" Gu Ruoyun could not tear her eyes away from the scene. She knows that Murong Qian was charging towards her but she did not take any action at all.

    As she observed the fight, Gu Ruoyun suddenly came to a realization. It was as if she had been enlightened by the purest wisdom, awakening her completely.

    "Damned girl, now that you're in my grasp, I want to put you all in a state of utter misery!"

    A murderous intent flashed in Murong Qian's eyes as she approached Gu Ruoyun.

    Murong Qian raised her hand and aimed it forcefully at Gu Ruoyun's neck. Her tender and pampered features filled with a vicious light while the smile on her face was utterly complacent.

    So what if were other more powerful cultivators around? With this early-stage Martial Saint good-for-nothing standing right here, she would never be a match for the Three Great Protectors no matter how strong she can become!


    She was almost next to Gu Ruoyun when a wave of energy exploded above them, sending Murong Qian flying out of the way.

    Her eyes were wide with shock and her body began to tremble.

    This woman has had a breakthrough at a time like this?

    Due to the protective laws of heaven and earth, one cannot harm a cultivator in the middle of a breakthrough. Hence, Murong Qian's eyes were spitting fire as she glared fixedly at the green-robed figure beneath the hurricane...

    "This woman had just achieved a breakthrough by studying our battle?"

    The elder, who was in the middle of the fight with Zixie, paused as his eyes flickered. "Such great talent! If we allowed her to grow, it would bring a reign of terror upon the First City. No, we must kill her now!"

    Clearly, Wen Luo had the very same thought as well. The two of them quickly abandoned their enemies and charged swiftly towards Gu Ruoyun, bringing a powerful murderous intent along with them.


    Grand Lord Hong Lian's face drained of color as he chased after them. A raging flame exploded from within his being as his black eyes grew even colder. "If any of you dare to lay a finger on my daughter, I will raise a great pandemonium upon the Three Great Protectors!"


    Just as Wen Luo and the elder were about to reach Gu Ruoyun, a powerful energy erupted around them. Before they could react, their bodies were flung out of the way and landed on the ground.


    The two men had collapsed onto the ground. They could only raise their heads in astonishment before their eyes landed on the man standing in front of Gu Ruoyun.

    He was silver-haired and dressed in red robes, magnificent and peerless!

    The man's features were so beautiful that everything else turned pale in contrast. His silver hair was dancing gently in the wind, making him look even more noble and peerless. His devilish red eyes were turned towards the crowd on the ground and a cold, sharp murderous intent flashed in his pupils.

    Zixie, who was standing in the air, did not react at all. He had not rushed towards Gu Ruoyun like Grand Lord Hong Lian because he knew that this man had arrived...

    However, this man had not shown himself and had stayed hidden in the dark.

    Only this move could have forced this man from the shadows.

    "Little girl, this is all I can do for you now." Zixie smiled bitterly.

    He understood how much Gu Ruoyun had longed for Qianbei Ye. Hence, he had resorted to using this method to force Qianbei Ye out from hiding...
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