Chapter 1269: Love Rival (6)

    Chapter 1269: Love Rival (6)

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    "Xiao Ye?"

    Gu Ruoyun stared at the man before her as her eyes filled with mild excitement. "You're here?"

    Qianbei Ye did not turn around. His gloomy gaze had remained fixed upon the people in front of him. A murderous intent then erupted from within him before he took a step forward and approached the group.

    "Qianbei Ye!"

    Murong Qian was shocked when she saw the man. She soon returned to her senses and was gripped with a strong sense of surprise.

    "You've finally shown yourself. Don't you know how it was for me to find you?"

    She had immediately changed her initially haughty demeanor and put on a coquettish act towards Qianbei Ye.

    Her grandfather had advised her that if she wanted to have a man's heart, using force would be counterproductive. She had to use her gentle, womanly wiles to warm him up.

    "Since you're here now, come with me, I don't care about anything else. As long as I have you, that is enough." Murong Qian smiled coquettishly as she stepped forward and reached out to grab Qianbei Ye's sleeve. However, before her fingers could touch him, she was horrified...

    Aside from that man's gloomy and cold stare, most of his expression was filled with a blood-thirsty murderous intent. His red eyes showed no signs of emotion and looked as if he could strangle her at any time.

    Murong Qian was dazed and she did not have the courage to make any further moves. Her eyes then filled with grief as if she was denouncing the man's cruelty.

    "This hand of yours, you don't want it anymore?"

    Qianbei Ye had lowered his head and looked at her outstretched hand before taking two steps towards her. A gloomy atmosphere erupted around them and his voice was completely devoid of warmth.

    "If you don't want it anymore, I don't mind making it disappear!"

    Murong Qian shivered before she bit her lip and scolded angrily, "Qianbei Ye, don't be so shameless! If you had not murdered my fianceé, I would not have wanted you to marry me in the first place! Even without you, there are many people lining up to become my husband. However, you don't know how to appreciate what's good for you. Elder, take him away. The more he refuses, the more I want to force him into my bed 1  !"

    "My Lady!"

    The elder's expression changed drastically and he looked at Qianbei Ye, shocked.

    How much time had passed since they last encountered him?

    This man's power has greatly increased from before. Now, dealing with him would be even more difficult.

    "Elder, what are you standing around for? Get that damned b*stard!" ordered Murong Qian as she gnashed her teeth hatefully.

    Why can't Qianbei Ye  fall for a good maiden like me 2  ?

    However, once she has taken a liking to something or someone, she would not see any reason to give it up!

    "My Lady, don't anger him!"

    The elder quickly pulled Murong Qian aside when he sensed Qianbei Ye's murderous intent which pierced the air and stared fearfully at the frightening man. He gritted his teeth, stuffed a circular wooden token in her hand and said, "Here's a teleportation token, leave this place, quickly!"

    "I'm not going anywhere!"

    Murong Qian placed her hands on her hips and stubbornly exclaimed, "Even if I do leave, I'm taking this man with me!"

    It was not an easy task for her to find him so how could she leave empty-handed?

    "Xiao Ye, you really do love stirring up trouble everywhere you go."

    Gu Ruoyun sighed exasperatedly before she smiled calmly.

    She trusts Qianbei Ye but that does not mean that other women could covet her man!

    "What did you just call him?"

    Murong Qian has furious.

    She would never allow anyone else to covet the things she wants!

    Murong Qian glared fiercely at Gu Ruoyun, "You have the audacity to address him as Xiao Ye! Don't you know that he belongs to me? No one is allowed to address him in such an intimate manner aside from myself. If you dare to address him in this manner again, I will have your body torn limb from limb by five horses!"
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