Chapter 1272: Love Rival (9)

    Chapter 1272: Love Rival (9)

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    "What's the test, father-in-law?"

    Qianbei Ye raised his brow as he asked.

    "Before you get married, you can't have any intimate relations with my daughter 1  . If you can put up with it, I'll agree to let her marry you."

    Gu Ruoyun could not help but rub her nose when she heard this. She had promised Qianbei Ye the last time they had parted that she would give him a child when he returned! However, she never expected her father to make such a decision.

    Gu Ruoyun lifted her head and looked at Qianbei Ye as if she was waiting for his answer.

    "Alright, I promise."

    Qianbei Ye carefully considered this and agreed to Grand Lord Hong Lian's request.

    There will be ample time for that later. He was not too anxious about that moment. Forget about suppressing about his desires, even if he had to give up everything he has, he would have no regrets as long as he could take her home as his wife.

    "Remember your promise, kid." Grand Lord Hong Lian finally smiled but did not forget to send Qianbei Ye a stern warning. "If I ever find out that you've touched my precious daughter, you can forget about becoming my son-in-law! If you can't even endure that, I will never be able to believe in your sincerity towards my daughter."

    "Don't worry, I won't touch her before our wedding."

    Of course, it would be an entirely different case after the wedding.

    After all, she would have already have become his wife. So playing fast and loose would be expected...

    "Yu'er, let me take care of the rest of the Lin family members. You should go back to the guest house and rest with Yun'er."

    After Grand Lord Hong Lian had issued his warning to Qianbei Ye, he then turned towards Dongfang Yu and spoke gently.

    Dongfang Yu nodded. "Alright, we shall wait for you back at the guest house."

    She then walked towards Gu Ruoyun and Qianbei Ye. However, her expression sank when she turned around.

    Master had previously mentioned that the Lin family isn't the true instigator. There was an even more powerful force backing the Lin family.

    If my guess is correct, that force should be the Wen family!

    Otherwise, they would not have appeared in Forest City...

    "The Great Protectors?" Dongfang Yu laughed bitterly before she sighed softly. "It seems that the road ahead is going to be a long one."


    At the First City.

    The Governor's Palace.

    Seated at the table in the meeting room were the Masters of the Three Great Protectors as well as the First City's Governor.

    A handsome-looking man was seated at the Master's seat at the foremost of the table. He was dressed in white robes and his features were cold and stern, carrying a sacred and inviolable air. His fingers drummed against the table, giving off a rather nerve-wracking feeling.

    "I heard that there was an incident at Forest City recently?" The Governor swept his glare across the group as he asked in a neutral voice.

    Everyone in the group felt their hearts skip a beat. They had been trying to figure out what would have caused the secretive Lord Governor to emerge. It seems that he has heard of the matter in Forest City?

    "It's like this." Elder Ouyang glanced at the other two people in the room before he slowly explained, "A while ago, Grand Lord Hong Lian had gone to the Lin family to exact his revenge! He had violated the First City's rules by clashing with the Wen and Murong family as well. They had joined forces to deal with Grand Lord Hong Lian and his party. Who would have thought that those two people were so powerful? they then caused the tragic deaths of cultivators from the Wen and Murong family. Only Murong Qian had managed to escape."

    However, Murong Qian has suffered an enormous shock which caused an abnormality in her mental state.
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