Chapter 1273: Love Rival (10)

    Chapter 1273: Love Rival (10)

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    Due to Murong Qian's current state, the Murong family's Master was extremely angry and had decided to send powerful cultivators to destroy the group so he could vent his frustrations over his precious granddaughter's treatment!

    "This matter was originally the Lin family's fault." The Governor stared at the crowd calmly before he continued to speak in a dignified manner. "Would this have happened if the Lin family had not committed so many sins? Don't assume that I'm unaware of the Lin family's actions. Did they think that they could keep it all from me just because they had not sent out their best cultivators?"

    Elder Wen shivered and quickly lowered his head.

    After all, he was the one who had indulged the Lin family all these years, giving them the audacity to send cultivators out to assassinate people from the secular world.

    "I can let bygones be bygones for past mistakes but you aren't permitted to commit the same mistake twice. As for the matter surrounding the Lin family, let it be. No one is allowed to involve themselves in this any further!" The Governor calmly declared before he turned towards the sour-faced Murong elder. "I know that your granddaughter had been hurt and that you are out of sorts. However, even if you're not happy about it, you will still have to tolerate it. This matter was the Lin family's fault in the first place. If this gets out, people will think that the First City's Governor's Palace is bullying others!"

    He had to use the Lin family's past sins as an excuse to warn them because the Secret Order would never allow him to expose Dongfang Yu's identity! If they continue to attack Grand Lord Hong Lian and Dongfang Yu, he was afraid that they would soon draw the Secret Order's ire.

    The Secret Order was so powerful that even the First City's Governor has to give way to them.

    Besides, Dongfang Yu was the Sacred Lady of the Secret Order...

    "Governor, would the Murong family members have died for nothing then?"

    The Murong family's elder scoffed, clearly not satisfied with the Governor's decision.

    The Governor frowned and sent him an icy glare. "Murong Yang, you should be aware of the Murong family's movements more than anyone else. Hence, I'd advise you to educate your granddaughter. If she ends up crossing someone that she shouldn't cross, I won't shield you."

    Murong Yang's elderly features were now a particularly ugly sight. He scoffed again but did not object to the Governor's words anymore. He restrained his resentment and kept it all in.

    "Grand Lord Hong Lian, Dongfang Yu, their daughter, and Qianbei Ye..."

    Murong Yang sighed internally when he thought of those names. He then muttered viciously, "I won't let them get away!"

    Even though Murong Yan had only uttered these words in his heart, the Governor could see his thoughts from his face. He laughed icily. Looks like it's time for me to give the Murong family several tasks. Otherwise, this old man would never leave Dongfang Yu alone so easily.

    "You are dismissed."

    The Governor then rose to his feet as he stared icily at the group.

    "I was the one who had appointed all of you as the Great Protectors in the First City. That's how you had got the position in the first place! If you continue to commit sins, it may be time for us to change the members of the Great Protectors."

    After saying his piece, the Governor straightened his sleeves. He then turned around and left without a second look back.

    Murong Yang took a deep breath, turned around towards Elder Wen and asked, "Are you going to put up with this resentment?"

    Elder Wen's eyes flickered as a sharp light flashed from within. He suddenly laughed but there was an eerie bloodlust in his smile.

    "Put up with this? How can I possibly put up with it? As long as Grand Lord Hong Lian is alive, the Wen family will die by his hand sooner or later. He must be killed!"
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