Chapter 1275: Early-Stage Exceptional State (2)

    Chapter 1275: Early-Stage Exceptional State (2)

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    He never thought that she would see right through him in the end...

    "I'm fine, I'll be healed once I've time to recuperate." Qianbei Ye tightened his embrace around Gu Ruoyun and spoke again in a gentle voice, "Yun'er, I promise you that from now on, I won't ever hide anything from you. We'll face everything together, alright?"

    Gu Ruoyun gently nodded when she heard those words. She returned Qianbei Ye's embrace tightly as she stared at him.

    "Are you still going to leave?"

    "No, I'm not."

    Qianbei Ye smiled. Their time together was so precious that he would treasure it every day.

    "Let's go to sleep, Yun'er."


    Gu Ruoyun smiled and buried herself into Qianbei Ye's chest before she slowly closed her eyes...

    The Secret Order.

    An old woman with dazzlingly white hair was seated upright at the main seat in the ancestral hall. Her face was focused and there was a sense of seriousness in her gaze. However, no one could tell what she was thinking.

    "Clan Leader."

    The elder who was seated in front of her fell silent for a while before saying, "I can sense that the seal at the back of the mountain will be broken very soon. If that happens, an unexpected disaster will befall the mainland!"

    "That's correct." The old woman sighed. Her voice was full of exasperation as she continued, "If the seal breaks, then that person once again be unleashed on the mainland. By then, no one would be able to stop that person and the Secret Order's mission for so many years was to guard them."

    The elder thought for a moment before suggesting, "Clan Leader, I have a suggestion. Since the breaking of the seal is inevitable, we can only prepare ourselves for it. Hence, why don't the Secret Order convene with the outside world and recruit some geniuses? With our guidance and the heavenly treasures that the Secret Order possesses, nurturing a genius would not be too strenuous for us."

    "No." The old woman shook her head, rejecting the elder's suggestion. "Since we've decided to conceal ourselves from the world, we can't ever think of showing our presence to the mainland again! Besides, the Secret Order has lived in secrecy here for so many years. We won't be used to living outside. How can we face those people?"

    "Clan Leader, even though the Secret Order is very powerful, we won't be able to withstand that person on our own! Besides, there are quite a few geniuses on the mainland. They only need some extra nurturing and they would become powerful cultivators. We'll need five years at the most. The seal is breaking soon and the mainland will soon suffer a reign of terror!"

    The old woman laughed bitterly.

    Is this the only way?

    "Alright." She finally sighed and said, "We shall do as you've suggested in order to deal with that person. We will recruit more talents into the Secret Order! As for those who will manage this, I'll leave it to you to arrange it personally!"

    "Yes, Clan Leader."

    The elder joined his fists before he slowly walked away.

    Once he had left, the old woman's eyes stared towards the back of the mountain. A bitter smile then formed on her face, "It's been ten thousand years. The Secret Order has been guarding this person for ten thousand years yet I never thought that it would come to this! Once the seal breaks, that person will return to their peak abilities. By then, who on this mainland would be able to stop them?"

    No one was aware of the terrifying power of the person who was under the Secret Order's watchful eye. If they really do escape, the entire mainland would suffer a calamity...

    Especially the Secret Order, it would be the first to be destroyed!

    "Yu'er, I hope that you can grow a little faster and protect the Secret Order in that upcoming battle in five years!"
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