Chapter 1279: Early-Stage Exceptional State (6)

    Chapter 1279: Early-Stage Exceptional State (6)

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    "Junior Sister, didn't you say that the Nine Underworld Flames were here? Let's go search for the Nine Underworld Flames first, we don't need to worry about these people." said the woman in white next to Elder Mei in a calm voice. She did not spare the couple a second glance.

    "Yes, Senior Sister."

    Elder Mei scoffed when she heard this before turning away and replying respectfully.

    However, she was dumbstruck when she entered the cave. The cave was completely empty, how could anyone have seen any trace of the Nine Underworld Flames?

    "Where are the Nine Underworld Flames? I can't be wrong, I had clearly seen the Nine Underworld Flames over here. Why has it disappeared?" Elder Mei shook his head fiercely. Her expression was particularly unsightly as she muttered to herself.

    The white-robed woman whom she had addressed as Senior Sister raised her willowy brows and slowly approached Elder Mei, "What happened?"

    "Senior Sister," Elder Mei bit her lip, "Someone's taken the Nine Underworld Flames!"

    That was right, someone must have taken it away!

    She had clearly seen the Nine Underworld Flames here, it could not have disappeared on its own.

    "It must be the two of you!"

    Suddenly, Elder Mei came to a realization and turned towards Gu Ruoyun. "Speak, did you take the Nine Underworld Flames?" questioned Elder Mei furiously.

    Gu Ruoyun stared at her calmly before she turned away and said to the man next to her, "Xiao Ye, let's go."

    "You want to leave?"

    Elder Mei laughed icily and pulled her sword out resolutely, pointing it at Gu Ruoyun's back.

    "You've taken the Nine Underworld Flames and you plan on leaving this place? Nothing in this world is quite so simple."


    Elder Mei was making her way to Gu Ruoyun's side when the crimson-robed man next to her waved his hand calmly. A powerful energy immediately shot towards Elder Mei's chest. Before she could react, her body was flung into a stone wall.


    Elder Mei's body crumpled to the ground and she spat out a mouthful of blood. She glared at Qianebei Ye with an ashen look on her face.

    Qianbei Ye walked towards Elder Mei who was still lying on the ground. With a wave of his hand, he held her neck in a chocking grasp as he swept his gloomy gaze across the mark on her body. "You're a member of the Charm Sect?"

    "That's right." Elder Mei raised her neck and gritted her teeth. "I am an elder from the Charm Sect. If you know what's good for you, you'll let me go. Otherwise, the Charm Sect will never let you get away with it!"

    Even though Yue Ling, the Charm Sect's Sect Master, was long dead, there were still many powerful cultivators in the sect. This was why Elder Mei had the courage to act so brazenly.


    Qianbei Ye raised Elder Mei's body up into the air before smashing her forcefully into the ground. This broke every bone in Elder Mei's body. She grimaced in agony but could not say another word.

    Qianbei Ye pulled a handkerchief out from nowhere, wiped his hand and threw the handkerchief onto the ground. He then laughed icily and said, "It seems that the world no longer requires the Charm Sect's existence."

    Gu Ruoyun raised her brow and looked at Elder Mei with a forced smile.

    She had forgotten about the Charm Sect's Elder Mei. She simply never expected her to jump out at her.

    Qianbei Ye was right!

    Even though the Charm Sect's Sect Master was dead, there were still many remaining evils and those evils must all be destroyed!

    "My Lord!"

    The white-robed woman's expression changed drastically. She then rushed to Qianbei Ye's side and spoke lightly, "My Junior Sister had not intended to offend you. Please forgive us. If you hold the Nine Underworld Flames in your hands, I won't be greedy! All I ask is that you spare my Junior Sister."
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