Chapter 1286: Exceptional State, Early Stage (13)

    Chapter 1286: Exceptional State, Early Stage (13)

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    The group of attackers was dazed, unsure of what Gu Ruoyun was up to.

    However, that does not mean that they were going to stop their attack. Instead, they charged even more ferociously towards Gu Ruoyun.


    A purple pagoda descended from the sky, landing with a crash. Before they could react, they were all smashed directly by the Ancient Divine Pagoda, not a single person was spared...

    "Anyone else wants to try?"

    Gu Ruoyun raised her brow and turned towards the others in the palace.

    The entire palace fell silent and not a single sound could be heard. It was so quiet that one could clearly hear the sound of the person next to them breathing.

    Zi Yin shivered violently. If Gu Ruoyun had used this pagoda against him, he would probably have been crushed to smithereens without even leaving a whole corpse.

    "It's alright, anyone who wants to challenge me can step forward. I'll accept anyone." Gu Ruoyun curled her lips as she spoke with a rigid smile.


    The palace was so quiet that they could hear a pin drop.

    Those who had been frightened by Gu Ruoyun could not help but retreat. They were terrified that she would direct this pagoda to squash them next!

    "What?" Gu Ruoyun's smile grew even more pronounced as she turned towards the crowd. "No one wants to take up the challenge? Don't say that I never gave you the chance!"

    As she spoke, she turned her gaze towards Zi Yun once again and calmly asked, "Don't you want to fight me again?"


    Zi Yun gulped, he was clearly so frightened by Gu Ruoyun's tactics that everything was in a blur.

    Usually, during a fight, the opponent would let out a loud cry when delivering the finishing blow in order to increase the power of their own attack and to caution the other person of the move they were about to deliver. However, this woman was really terrifying simply by raising her hand and slamming a pagoda down. She had not given anyone the chance to react before flattening them immediately.

    "Does anyone have any objections in regards to me accepting this organization?"

    Gu Ruoyun swept her gaze around the crowd once again as she repeated her question.


    How could they dare to raise any objections?

    Even if they did, raising those objections means that they would be the next ones to be crushed by pagoda!

    "Alright, since no one has any other objections, you will all become members of the Devil Sect from now on!"

    Gu Ruoyun waved her hand and put the Ancient Divine Pagoda away.

    When the Ancient Divine Pagoda was lifted, those who had been crushed by it could finally exhale. However, the force of it resulted in rather serious injuries for them. Even though no one was killed, they had all suffered broken bones.

    "From now on, I am no longer your Master." Qianbei Ye slowly rose to his feet, walked towards Gu Ruoyun's side and pulled her into his arms. He then swept his gloomy gaze across the crowd in the palace before saying, "She is your Master!"

    The crowd looked at one another and knelt down in unison. "Greetings Master, your subordinates await your orders, Master!" they declared reverently.

    "Yun'er," Qianbei Ye stroked Gu Ruoyun's hair and his eyes were filled with joy. "These people shall belong to you from now on! Don't judge them just because their powers aren't strong enough yet although they are pretty talented. I've only nurtured them for a short while and they've already broken through to this state."

    "Xiao Ye."

    Gu Ruoyun held Qianbei Ye's hand and turned towards him, "You've done too much for me, I don't think I can ever repay you."

    "Silly girl." Qianbei Ye held her even tighter. The smile on his peerless face was filled with emotion as he replied, "Your ability to accept me is the biggest repayment of all. Besides, even if you can't repay me, I will stay by your side to watch over, protect, and help you always."
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