Chapter 1287: Early-Stage Exceptional State (14)

    Chapter 1287: Early-Stage Exceptional State (14)

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    Gu Ruoyun's heart trembled as a warm current washed over her.

    What had she done to deserve such a man by her side in this lifetime?

    The crowd in the palace looked at each other and could not help but feel shocked at Qianbei Ye's sudden change.

    They had been following him for some time now yet they've never seen such a gentle side to him! After all, this man was so powerful that he would certainly be able to lure some lascivious women. However, any women who approached him would suffer very bad consequences!

    Hence, they had all nearly assumed that this fellow had a preference for men which was why he hated women so much.

    However, they never thought that he could ever be so tender to a woman...

    Qianbei Ye furrowed his brows when he sensed their eyes on Gu Ruoyun and himself. His dark and gloomy gaze then glared at every single person in the vicinity.

    When the crowd noticed his glare, they quickly lowered their heads and did not dare to look at the two of them anymore...

    "Yun'er, it's getting late, let's go get some rest."

    Qianbei Ye held onto Gu Ruoyun's body before they quickly disappeared from the palace.

    When Gu Ruoyun returned to her senses, she was next to a gorgeous and exquisite bed. The man carefully placed her on the bed and before Gu Ruoyun could react, planted a kiss on her soft lips. His red eyes were filled with tenderness.

    "Xiao Ye..."

    Gu Ruoyun gently called out his name, her eyes gradually filling with emotion.

    "Damn it!"

    Qianbei Ye could feel his body react. He cursed in the dark and pulled Gu Ruoyun into his arms before placing her on his lap and kissing her again. His movements were ever so careful as if he was afraid of hurting her...

    If it were not for my promise to father-in-law, I would have devoured her whole.

    "Yun'er." After a long pause, Qianbei Ye released the woman in his arms and laughed bitterly, "Looks like we should return to the West Spirit Mainland and bring my brother-in-law over here. Only when your family is reunited will father-in-law allow us to be married."

    Gu Ruoyun was shocked. She then shook her head and replied, "Xiao Ye, my big brother isn't in West Spirit Mainland anymore."

    "What did you say?"

    Qianbei Ye's eyes sharpened immediately, "Gu Shengxiao isn't in the West Spirit Mainland?"

    "That's right," Gu Ruoyun calmly replied. "Previously, when I ran into danger at the ruins, a black-robed man had appeared and saved me. I could sense that he was really Gu Shengxiao but I don't know why he refused to acknowledge me."

    Gu Ruoyun could not understand why that had happened. Why had Gu Shengxiao refused to acknowledge her?

    Therefore, she wants to find him again and question him!

    Qianbei Ye fell silent and was deep in thought. After a long pause, he sighed and squeezed her body.

    "Yun'er, leave this to me!"

    "Xiao Ye?"

    Gu Ruoyun stared at Qianbei Ye in shock as she asked, "What are you planning to do?"

    "I'm going to find Gu Shengxiao. I want you to stay here and wait for me."

    "Xiao Ye, I'm coming with you."

    Qianbei Ye shook his head. "You should stay here. Besides, we need to expand the Devil Sect's power and we don't have much time left. You will need to nurture them completely. Leave Gu Shengxiao to me. When I return again, I'll bring Gu Shengxiao back to you!"

    His eyes were filled with determination and his look deeply moved Gu Ruoyun's heart.
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