Chapter 1290: Early-Stage Exceptional State (17)

    Chapter 1290: Early-Stage Exceptional State (17)

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    "Little girl, I know that you trust Qianbei Ye very much but I still hope that you can maintain your vigilance."

    There was a cold light in Zixie's smile. "I had seen him kill my Master for the sake of the Ancient Divine Pagoda with my own eyes! That's why I don't trust him! Nor do I wish for you to follow the same disastrous road! He is not as simple as he seems."

    "Zixie." Gu Ruoyun raised her head and stared at Zixie's handsome features. Her eyes were filled with determination. "I have never been one to listen to other's opinions! I will only experience it for myself! Xiao Ye has given me so much over these years and has never asked for any form of repayment. He has saved me from danger over and over again and had nearly lost his own life in the process. Why should I harbor any suspicions towards him? Even if that man who looks like him were to appear before me one day, I would still believe without any doubt that the person who wanted to kill me would never be Qianbei Ye!"

    "I believe him like how he believes in me as well. You might even say that in this world, aside from you, he is the person that I trust the most!"

    Her trust in Qianbei Ye comes from the deep recesses of her heart. She would trust him no matter what...

    "Little girl, I hope that your judgement is right." Zixie smiled before he stroked Gu Ruoyun's head and sighed. "However, even if you're wrong, I will give my life this time to ensure your safety! If you really want to be with him, you can rest assured and just do that. I will handle everything for you behind the scenes."


    Gu Ruoyun felt deeply moved as she stared at the man's handsome face. "Thank you. To have you and Xiao Ye as my companions is enough for me."

    One lover and one confidant. What more could she ask for?

    Zixie smiled. to him, nothing was more important than her happiness...

    "Aside from this memory, there is still one more thing in the sixth level."

    Zixie looked at the black box in the room and smiled demonically. "Little girl, go ahead and open that box."


    Gu Ruoyun slowly walked towards the box and gently unlocked it. Several few pill formulas appeared in her sight.

    "These pill formulas are..."

    Gu Ruoyun was shocked after looking through the content of the pill formulas. "The Exceptional Pill can raise a someone at the exceptional state to a level above? This is just what I need! Also... There's the Infinite Pill which can instantly raise a cultivator's power to the exceptional state instantly but with heavy consequences - one would never be able to progress ever again."

    Gu Ruoyun gasped.

    The Infinite Pill could instantly enable a cultivator to breakthrough to the exceptional state even though that means that the cultivator would never be able to achieve another breakthrough again.

    Generally speaking, most of the Dongfang family members in the West Spirit Mainland have yet to reach the Martial Supreme rank. They would probably never be able to reach this state in the future. However, if they were to take this pill, they would be able to reach the exceptional state. Not only would they receive a great boost in their powers, their lifespan would also increase by several hundred years as well.

    "These pills are very useful." Gu Ruoyun put the pill formulas away. "With these, I can increase my power even more rapidly!"

    After that, Gu Ruoyun no longer remained in the Ancient Divine Pagoda and quickly left the place...
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