Chapter 1291: Early-Stage Exceptional State (18)

    Chapter 1291: Early-Stage Exceptional State (18)

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    Everyone was gathered in the palace hall and were looking at each other, clearly unsure why Gu Ruoyun had gathered them all here.

    "Is everyone here?"

    The crowd watched as Gu Ruoyun slowly made her way to the dragon chair and stepped down. She then gently raised her brow and swept her gaze through the crowd. "Since everyone is here, I'll make my announcement!"

    The crowd looked at each other, uncertain of what Gu Ruoyun was keeping in suspense.

    "Zi Yun, come out."

    Gu Ruoyun looked at the purple-robed man in the crowd and calmly summoned him.

    Zi Yun's entire body trembled when he heard Gu Ruoyun's voice and he stepped out in a fidgety manner, carefully eyeing Gu Ruoyun. "Master, what are your orders?"

    This woman can't be planning to make me pay for yesterday's challenge?

    Women have always been petty, it looks like it's all over for me this time!

    "Zi Yun, take this pill."

    Gu Ruoyun waved her hand and a pill floated towards Zi Yun.

    Zi Yun accepted the pill and stared at Gu Ruoyun's delicate features in astonishment, feeling very fidgety.

    A pill?

    Zi Yun's mouth twitched, unable to believe in Gu Ruoyun's words. Based on his point of view, this was not very different from a poison pill...

    "Take it!"

    Gu Ruoyun raised her brows and ordered.

    Zi Yun reached out his trembling hand and placed the pill in his mouth before closing his eyes immediately. He acted as if he was looking at death in the face.

    Everyone else could not bear to look at him. From their point of view, women were all petty beings. Zi Yun had provoked her yesterday so she must now be subjecting them to a slow torture after accepting them.

    To them, the outcome of getting Zi Yun to take the pill was obvious.

    He was definitely going to die!

    They were already imagining Zi Yun with blood oozing from his eyes, nose, and mouth as they started to blame Gu Ruoyun in their hearts. After all, Zi Yun had been with them for quite a while so they would certainly share some feelings. This woman had come in and pointed a knife at him, this was simply too cruel!


    Just as the crowd began to feel reluctant to watch, a hurricane rose from within Zi Yun's body which made them quake. They all turned to watch with surprise.

    This... Isn't this power generated from a breakthrough?

    What on earth is going on?

    Is Zi Yun having a breakthrough after swallowing that pill?

    Could it be that he's breaking through his bottleneck before dying?

    Zi Yun was shocked as well and his eyes stared dazedly at Gu Ruoyun. After a long pause, he returned to his senses and knelt before Gu Ruoyun.

    "Thank you, Master, for granting me this pill. If it had not been for this pill, I'm afraid that I would never have reached the late stage of the exceptional state so quickly."

    He has reached the late-stage exceptional state.

    Even though it was only a step away from a mid-stage exceptional state, the distance between the two stages was vast.

    Yet Gu Ruoyun had let bygones be bygones and used a pill to help him achieve his breakthrough.

    He would never forget this great kindness of hers!

    Zi Yun features were filled with excitement and he remembered his misunderstanding towards Gu Ruoyun. A wave of guilt appeared in his eyes...


    Zi Yun's words were like a thunderbolt from a clear sky, crashing down immediately and striking everyone senseless!

    What did Zi Yun just say? Gu Ruoyun had not given him a poison pill but it was a pill which could help him in his breakthrough? Yet so many of us have all misunderstood her?

    "Consider this Exceptional Pill as my gift to all of you for making my acquaintance. After this, every one of you may come here and collect one pill from me. Those in the early stage of the exceptional state will be able to break through to the mid-stage upon consuming this pill while those in the mid-stage will breakthrough to late-stage. However, if you consume this pill again after reaching the late stage, even if you are unable to reach the refined state, you will still be on the verge of a breakthrough. I will use another Spirit Gathering Pill to help you in your breakthrough!"
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