Chapter 1292: Early-Stage Exceptional State (19)

    Chapter 1292: Early-Stage Exceptional State (19)

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    The crowd shocked. Everyone was looking at Gu Ruoyun excitedly, unable to believe their ears.

    "Master, are you saying that all of us can take one of these pills?"

    One should know that this was more than just a regular pill.

    It was a pill which could aid a cultivator in the exceptional state to achieve a breakthrough. Even the Great Protectors did not have that kind of power...

    "That's right." Gu Ruoyun smiled calmly. "As long as you serve me with loyalty, you will never lack a source for pills. However, if I ever find out that you have any intentions of betrayal, I will ensure that you will suffer a fate worse than death! Trust me, I'm a pill master and at the same time a poison master too. There are a million ways to grant you a fate worse than death."

    The crowd could not help but shiver upon hearing her words. They then knelt in unison.

    "Don't worry, Master, we will always remain loyal to you and we will never betray you! If any of us have any intentions to betray you, may we be struck by lightning and die without a whole corpse!"

    "You may rise."

    Gu Ruoyun waved her hand and replied serenely. "You may collect the pills from the Vermillion Bird after this. You may only have one each. Taking an extra pill would not produce any extra effect!"

    The Vermillion Bird?

    The crowd looked at each other, unsure of who Gu Ruoyun was talking about.

    However, while they were in the midst of their confusion, they noticed an adorable figure next to the woman.

    It was a tender, cherub-cheeked little lolita. Her fiery-red eyes looked particularly beautiful while her fair face carried an innocent little smile. She grinned at the crowd before her and said, "Remember to collect the pills from me later."

    The crowd was absolutely drawn to the little lolita's cute features, completely ignoring the fact that she had appeared out of thin air...


    Just then, a figure rushed into the room and knelt before Gu Ruoyun. "Reporting to the Master, the Ghost Order's Master has requested for an audience," he exclaimed.

    The Ghost Order?

    Gu Ruoyun was shaken, "What kind of a person is the Ghost Order's Master?"

    "Reporting to the Master." Zi Yun looked at Gu Ruoyun and said, "Ever since Lord Qianbei had subdued us, neighboring organizations have received word of his existence. The Ghost Order is considered to be at the peak of existence amongst the forces in the second-tier ranks. The Ghost Order's Master is already at the late-stage of the refined state and anyone who has crossed the members of the Ghost Order would enter the gates of hell. Hence, the Ghost Order has that reputation! However..."

    At that point, Zi Yun's tone became more cautious, "The Ghost Order's Master seems to be very interested in Lord Qianbei and had asked for an audience many times. However, Lord Qianbei has never met her and has always kept the members of the Ghost Order outside the gates."

    Gu Ruoyun thought for a moment before she calmly replied, "Let her in."

    "Yes, Master."

    After receiving her orders, the man joined his fists and took his leave.

    "Master, this Chu Luo, the Order Master of the Ghost Order, has great power. Now that Lord Qianbei isn't here, I think it's best that we do not see her. Otherwise, if she causes trouble for you..." Zi Yun was at a loss. After all, the only one who could defeat Chu Luo was Lord Qianbei.

    No matter how powerful their Master was, she was no match for Chu Luo!

    "Have no fear." Gu Ruoyun laughed and rose to her feet. "I'd love to see who's been trying to see my man."

    Once she had said that, she did not give anyone the opportunity to advise her and walked out the door...

    "Come, we must hurry and protect our Master," Zi Yun said as he sighed in exasperation and waved his hand.
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