Chapter 1297: Chu Luo Of The Ghost Order (4)

    Chapter 1297: Chu Luo Of The Ghost Order (4)

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    Chu Luo was very clear of the circumstances after weighing the pros and cons.

    "You are sinister!" She glared at Gu Ruoyun once again, gritted her teeth and said, "Fine, I'll serve you."

    This woman is simply too vicious!

    Gu Ruoyun smiled. It goes without saying that her harvest was rather bountiful today, she has even gained Chu Luo's loyalty!

    With the addition of the Ghost Order, the power that she holds can only grow stronger...

    "Xiao Ye," Gu Ruoyun lowered her eyelids. She thought about that man's peerless features and curled her lips. "I won't let you face everything on your own so I must expand my power. This is the only way for me to stand by your side and face all obstacles with you."

    Instead of relying on him to deal with everything on his own...

    "Then again, I wonder where Xiao Ye is now? Has he found my big brother?"

    Gu Ruoyun's eyes turned towards the dark night outside the window and her gaze was filled with a faint longing...


    The Celestial Mountain.

    Many people were coming and going to a mountain range near the Secret Order. The place was bustling unusually with excitement. Even the tea house at the foot of the mountain which usually serves as a rest stop for tourists has become overcrowded, filled with noisy chatter.

    "Have you heard of the Secret Order? I've heard the elders of my family mention them before. They say that the Secret Order has been around for over ten thousand years and has always stayed hidden from the world. No one knows how powerful the Secret Order is and we don't know why they have revealed themselves to the world and advertised for organizations to enter the Secret Order for cultivation."

    "Honestly, I've never heard of the Secret Order until now. However, I reckon that everyone in the First City will know about this organization now."

    "Speaking of, who do you think is more powerful - the Governor's Palace of First City or the Secret Order?"

    "It's not a good comparison but I would assume that the Governor's Palace is more powerful. If the Secret Order is really all that great, they would be the ones in charge of managing First City, not the Governor's Palace..."

    The crowd nodded.

    Even though the Secret Order has remained hidden from the world for many years, this does not mean that their power surpasses the Governor's Palace. If the members of the Secret Order were all so powerful, the Governor's Palace would not be the ones managing the First City now...

    "The Secret Order?"

    A green-robed woman who had been sipping her tea in the corner with her head lowered raised her brow and calmly murmured, "I had rushed over here at first because I had heard about Xiao Ye's reappearance but I never thought that I would end up running into the Secret Order's competition."

    It has been half a year!

    Half a year has passed since she had subdued the Ghost Order. Over this period of time, she had constantly kept an ear out for news of Qianbei Ye's whereabouts. When she heard that a silver-haired man in crimson robes had appeared near Celestial Mountain, she had immediately rushed right over with her men.

    "What kind of a place is the Secret Order?"

    A man dressed in a purple jacket who was standing next to her furrowed his brows and asked skeptically, "Why have I never heard of this organization?"

    "Hehe, based on your position, how could you possibly know of an organization which has been hidden from the world? You'd better go back and cultivated a little more. Once you've reached a more powerful level, you'll know about those who would outmatch all the other organizations of the world!"
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