Chapter 1299: Chu Luo Of The Ghost Order (6)

    Chapter 1299: Chu Luo Of The Ghost Order (6)

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    A person with weak powers is not a terrible thing. The terrible thing would be if that person does not have any intentions of growing stronger!

    Upon hearing Gu Ruoyun's words, Chu Luo slowly began to change her point of view. Her eyes no longer held her initial disdain.

    "It's the members of the Secret Order."

    Suddenly, someone spoke and attracted the attention of everyone in the tea house. The crowd all turned to look at the new arrivals.

    Everyone watched excitedly as a white-robed man slowly glided like a deity into the area, followed closely by a group of people dressed in white robes as well. However, it was very obvious that those other people do not have a high position like the man in white.

    Next to him was an attractive and dignified woman. The woman's eyes were as pretty as a picture while her facial features were exquisite and moving. She was dressed in light yellow robes which emphasized her elegant posture and a violet sash was wrapped around her waist, flowing gracefully.

    "It's Wen Ya, the Eldest Lady of the Wen family. Looks like she's with an emissary of the Secret Order."

    The crowd stared at the group who had just walked in. However, when they noticed the warning looks from the members of the Secret Order, they quickly shut their mouths but continued to analyze them curiously.

    "Zuo Shi." Wen Ya took a seat near Gu Ruoyun's position. There was a graceful smile on her delicate and dignified features. "The Wen family will certainly join the Secret Order's competition. I hope that you can be a little more flexible when the time comes, Zuo Shi."

    The man who had been addressed as Zuo Shi nodded. "Knowing the Wen family's power, you should be able to win very easily. The Secret Order has also determined that the first three winners can enter the Secret Order for cultivation. Besides..."

    Zuo Shi paused for a moment, there was a rather unnatural expression in his eyes.

    "How is Yue'er?"

    Wen Ya looked at Zuo Shi's unnatural expression. A light flashed in her beautiful eyes as she smiled gracefully, "Don't worry, Zuo Shi. Little Sister Yue'er is definitely doing alright. Besides, she has been yearning for you, Lord Zuo Shi. Once the Wen family has successfully gone through this competition, I'll send Little Sister Yue'er right over."

    Not too long ago, Wen Ya had found out that Wen Yue and Zuo Shi had been acquainted with each other for a long time ago. However, they were not aware of each other's identity. Hence, after she had discovered this, she purposely arranged for them to meet again and exposed their identities.

    This has all been for the sake of using Wen Yue to pin him down so that the Wen family could seize the brightest and the best out of this competition.

    Indeed, upon hearing Wen Ya's reply, a hint of joy flashed in Zuo Shi's eyes but he did not show any expression on his face. He only nodded calmly and said, "Don't worry, I'll deal with this. Besides, the Wen family has always been powerful. This will not be a problem."

    If the Wen family's power was only average at best, Zuo Shi would never have found the courage to help them cheat. However, since the Wen family was already very powerful, it would not be an issue even if they became the champions.

    After all, only the champions could accept the Secret Order's inheritance.

    Those from the other ranks would only receive merit for entering the Secret Order.

    "Then I thank you very much, Lord Zuo Shi."

    Wen Ya smiled. Though her smile was graceful and moving, her beautiful eyes contained a vicious light.

    They had placed a protective cover in their surroundings during their discussion so they were not too worried about being overheard. Unfortunately, they did not know that Gu Ruoyun was in this tea house as well.

    Hence, she had overheard every single thing in the conversation between the two.
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