Chapter 1301: Chu Luo Of The Ghost Order (8)

    Chapter 1301: Chu Luo Of The Ghost Order (8)

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    Of course, this matter had attracted a great sensation amongst the Great Protectors. It has even attracted the Governor's attention.

    However, she does not regret it!

    "Yue'er, you should understand that based on Gu Shengxiao's unique physical qualities, he would never achieve greatness if he stayed as a human. Only as a puppet will he be able to reach the peak of existence on this mainland with a single leap. Furthermore, this is the type of existence that is useful to the Wen family! You, on the other hand, had set Gu Shengxiao free just as Grandfather was halfway into victory! He will never thank you. Instead, he will hate you for costing him this chance to successfully become a top cultivator!"

    Wen Yue finally reacted. Her indifferent gaze landed upon Wen Ya as she snorted icily and exclaimed, "Do you really think that anyone would still feel any happiness after being turned into a puppet? So what if his powers aren't strong enough? At least he would have his free will. If he becomes a puppet, he wouldn't even be able to recognize his own family and would have to accept your every order for the rest of his life!"

    "Yue'er, you are still too naive. There are few powerful cultivators in this world who still acknowledges their families. Only when one no longer recognizes their own family can one rise into the unsurpassed stage!" Wen Ya's gaze turned towards her. "So, even if the Wen family turns him into a puppet, he would thank us from the bottom of his heart. After all, he would never be able to gain this type of power without our intervention. You, on the other hand, have damaged his chances of becoming a powerful cultivator!"

    Wen Yue shook her head and said nothing more.

    People who walk different paths cannot make plans together.

    She has very different ideas from these people. Saying any more to them would only be a waste of breath.

    "Yue'er." Wen Ya lowered her head and stared gracefully at the woman in front of her, curling her lips into a smile, "Grandfather was extremely enraged by this. I had to make painstaking efforts in order to persuade him to spare you. Now, as long as you become Zuo Shi's woman, Grandfather would never lay a hand on you again, no matter what."

    Wen Yue lowered her eyes, there was a chilly smile on her face.

    Trying to make her give in to the Wen family's arrangements was simply an indulgence into wild fantasies. She would never agree to it!

    "Yue'er, could it be that you've forgotten about that missing brother of yours?" Wen Ya smirked and asked in a gentle voice.

    Even though she sounded very gentle, it made Wen Yue's body stiffen. She raised her head and glared fixedly at the graceful face before her.

    "What have you done to him?"

    That man was her one and only support over these past few years!

    "That fellow Wen Yan has managed to form a contract with Tianqi and had run away from the Wen family. Did you really think that the Wen family would let him get away with it?" Wen Ya laughed icily. "We've now discovered that he's no longer in the First City but is in the secular world. No wonder there hasn't been any news of him for so many years. Oh, that's right, I seem to have forgotten that your mother is from the secular world as well. If you refuse to agree to my request, I have no choice but to send someone over to your mother's side of the family."

    "If I remember correctly, your mother's family should be in the Northern Block Territory, the Jiang family of Main City!"

    Every word from Wen Ya's mouth made Wen Yue's heart tremble violently. She bit her lip and her once indifferent gaze now filled with anger. She glared at Wen Ya fiercely.

    "Don't look at me like that." Wen Ya giggled. "I'm doing this for your own good. If you marry Zuo Shi, not only will the Wen family's social position rise accordingly, you will also receive unlimited grandeur as well. As a disciple of the Secret Order, Zuo Shi can never be compared to that piece of trash, Gu Shengxiao. The positions of both men are as different as heaven and earth. If you marry Zuo Shi, you will only receive benefits. Nothing bad will come of it!"
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