Chapter 1302: Chu Luo Of The Ghost Order (9)

    Chapter 1302: Chu Luo Of The Ghost Order (9)

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    Wen Yue clenched her fist in a tight grip as her ethereal little face filled with rage.

    "Aren't you afraid that after marrying Zuo Shi, my first act would be to destroy the Wen family?"

    "Hehe." Wen Ya laughed softly. "If you want your elder brother and maternal grandfather's family to stay good and alive, you'd better listen to everything I say. If I tell you to do something, you do it. Otherwise, I fear that your brother might reunite with your mother in the underworld!"

    She stuck out her finger and lifted Wen Yue's chin. Her voice was just as warm and gentle as before.

    "Yue'er, your mother is from the secular world and her rank was lowly and insignificant! If I had not spoke favorably of you throughout the years, do you really think that, based on your lowly position, you would be able to hold the position of the Second Young Lady of the Wen family in peace? Furthermore, there's that traitorous elder brother of yours."

    Wen Yue gently shut her eyes as her body trembled violently.

    She knows that they have won!

    These people have her vulnerable spot in a fierce and tight grip so she had no choice but to comply!

    "If I agree to this, will my elder brother stay alive?"

    She opened her eyes as a bitter smile appeared on her face. Her ethereal little face was completely pale but her gaze was serene.

    "That's right. If you marry Zuo Shi, I guarantee that no one in the Wen family would dare to lay a hand on him. As for Tianqi, consider it as a gift from the Wen family to him. From now on, no one in the Wen family would dare to assassinate your elder brother."

    "What about Gu Shengxiao?" Wen Yue pursed her lips and asked. "Will you still continue to try and refine him into a puppet?"

    Wen Ya looked at Wen Yue with a smile and said teasingly, "I never thought that you would be so devoted to Gu Shengxiao that even now, you're still concerning yourself over his safety. Don't worry. As long as you listen to me like a good girl, we won't hurt him anymore. However, he's almost half a puppet now. Even if we don't hurt him, he would never be able to live like a normal person anymore. Perhaps a day may come when he would not be able to recognize his own kin. Of course, that would have nothing to do with the Wen family anymore."

    Wen Yue laughed bitterly, "Alright, as long as you let the both of them go, I'll give my promise to you! I will marry Zuo Shi!"

    In the past, her elder brother had promised her that once his power has grown stronger, he would return to save her.

    That was why she had stayed in the Wen family and waited for him for so many years...

    Now, she has given up.

    What was wrong with marrying Zuo Shi if the Wen family promises to spare her brother in return? She has completely lost all interest in living in this lifetime. If it were not for her elder brother's sake, she would have left this world long ago...

    "That's my good little sister."

    Wen Ya's finger gently stroked Wen Yue's face with an extremely warm and gentle smile on her face. "That kid, Gu Shengxiao, is nothing compared to Zuo Shi! Simply his position as a disciple of the Secret Order is enough to make him a target for assassination. The decision that you've made now is for the best! Yue'er, remember this, once you've married Zuo Shi, don't forget how the Wen family has supported you. You must listen to what I say, understand?"

    Wen Yue's head turned away ss if she absolutely loathed Wen Ya's intimate touch. At that moment, her face had grown even paler in the dark prison cell while her eyes turned even more hollow and empty...


    A large crowd has gathered at Celestial Mountain's registration point but no one dared to cut the line. They were all lined up in a methodical and tidy manner.

    The competition held by the Secret Order this time was only open for organizations to participate in. The organizations that manage to win the first three places would be allowed to enter the Secret Order for cultivation. Furthermore, the champions would receive the Secret Order's inheritance.
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