Chapter 1305: The First Confrontation With Wen Ya (2)

    Chapter 1305: The First Confrontation With Wen Ya (2)

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    Gu Ruoyun raised her brow as she listened intently to Chu Luo's words.

    "Actually, I had rather pitied the Young Master of the Wen family. All his life, he has never been able to make his own decisions! The Master of the Wen family, who is also his biological father, had decided who he should marry and made him take his maternal niece as his wife. The Young Master did not have the courage to stand up to it because Master Wen was too powerful. Who would have thought that after the wedding, the Young Master would make a trip to the secular world and meet another woman? He had a taste of love and passion and disregarded everything to bring the woman back to the Wen family."

    Chu Luo was filled with admiration as she spoke about Young Master Wen. She then continued, "Unfortunately, the Wen family would not accommodate him, especially the Young Madam. She refused to allow anyone to threaten her position so she secretly sent assassins to kill the woman that the Young Master had brought back! In his rage, the Young Master wanted to kill the Young Madam but due to Master Wen's protection, the Young Master could not kill her. In the end, he chose to follow his beloved in death and took his own life, leaving a young son and a daughter."

    Gu Ruoyun did not feel anything when she heard this and certainly did not pity Young Master Wen.

    Ever since he had obeyed his biological father's arrangements for his marriage, he had determined his final, tragic fate. The truly pitiful ones were his young son and daughter who had become orphans...

    "Even though the Master of the Wen family had not liked that woman, he brought the orphaned siblings, who were still in their swaddling clothes, back to the Wen family! Furthermore, the Young Madam only had one daughter. Hence, the Master of the Wen family cared very deeply for the two siblings. Unfortunately, the Young Madam's jealousy was much too frightening. For the sake of her power in the Wen family, she wanted to get rid of the Young Master's and his sister. In the end, the Young Sir of the Wen family had run away from the family and formed a contract with the sacred beast of the family. There has been no correspondence since!"

    Gu Ruoyun calmly raised her brows, "Is there anything else about the Wen family aside from this?"

    "There's one more thing." Chu Luo seemed to remember something else and replied, "Two years ago, the Wen family had sent their subordinates to the West Spirit Mainland to capture a man. Only the Great Protectors know of this matter. All other news has been sealed off and I had discovered this by accident."

    "A man?"

    Gu Ruoyun was shaken as a possibility emerged in her gut. "Who was that?" she asked.

    "This I'm not too sure." Chu Luo shook her head. "All I know is that the Wen family had kidnapped that man, I'm not too sure of the specifics!"

    Gu Ruoyun narrowed her eyes and entered into deep thought.

    Back then, when they had tried to kill the Lin family members, the first ones to appear on the Lin family's side were the Wen family members!

    Besides, the Wen family's residence was quite a distance from Forest City. How had they managed to arrive so quickly? Something was not right!

    There could only be one possibility...

    The Master of the Lin family had once said that there was another instigator behind the scenes who supported the Lin family. This instigator was very powerful and Gu Ruoyun was supposedly no match for them.

    Now, it seems like the instigator behind the scenes must be the Wen family!

    "The Wen family!" A cold light flashed in Gu Ruoyun's eyes and she clenched her fists in a tight grip. "If they are really the instigator behind the scenes, I will kill them all no matter the price!"

    Now, she finally understood why her elder brother had arrived here from the West Spirit Mainland. It was because of the Wen family's doing.

    The reason why he had refused to see her must be because he was afraid of dragging her down and result in the Wen family members causing trouble for her.
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