Chapter 1308: The First Confrontation With Wen Ya (5)

    Chapter 1308: The First Confrontation With Wen Ya (5)

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    Besides, the more Qianbei Ye rejected her advances, the more she wants to make him hers!

    No other woman could touch the man who holds her favor aside from her. Otherwise, she would ensure that it would be too late for regrets!


    A clear sound rang into the ears of the crowd.

    Celestial Mountain was suddenly completely silent. Everyone's eyes were wide with shock as they stared in disbelief at Gu Ruoyun who was slowly lowering her hand.

    "You..." Murong Qian covered her cheek as blazing flames began to fill her teary eyes. She glared fiercely at Gu Ruoyun as she asked, "You dare to hit me?"

    "If I hear you speak about him one more time, it won't be only a slap next time."

    Gu Ruoyun replied indifferently.

    "Sister Wen Ya, this woman had hit me. She actually had the audacity to hit me!" Murong Qian tugged Wen Ya's arm as her eyes filled with anger and grief.

    She had not brought a lot of people with her to join the competition this time or she would definitely have had this woman killed!

    Wen Ya frowned and a cold light flashed in her eyes, "Lady Gu, even if Xiao Qian was in the wrong, you shouldn't have acted out. Aren't you feigning ignorance about the Great Protectors' influence?"

    "So what if I hit her?" Gu Ruoyun smirked in an indifferent manner. "If I hear her humiliate my husband-to-be one more time, it wouldn't be as simple as a slap!"

    A blazing flame exploded from Wen Ya's chest but she forced it all down.

    "Lady Gu, Xiao Qian had been the first one to commit a wrong this time so I won't be calculative with you over this. However, you must know that the Great Protectors share their anger against a common enemy. Our combined power is enough to trample the whole of First City. Xiao Qian, let's go."

    After Wen Ya said her piece, she pulled Murong Qian and left without sparing Gu Ruoyun a second glance.

    "Sister Wen Ya, why didn't you kill her?"

    Murong Qian covered her red, swollen cheek. Her voice was filled with anger.

    No one has ever hit her in this lifetime.

    Even her own grandfather could not bear to lay a finger on her.

    Yet, that woman had the audacity to slap her and Wen Ya had dragged her away instead.

    How could she tolerate this?

    Wen Ya loosened the grip on her hand but her eyes no longer held her initially graceful air. She sent Murong Qian a cold look and said, "Xiao Qian, even if you're angry, you cannot say things like that in public. When do you plan to behave like one of the Great Protectors?"


    Murong Qian looked very pitiful. "I had seen and liked Qianbei Ye first! Since I like him, he's mine! Besides, I've already sworn to make Qianbei Ye devote himself to me wholeheartedly as retaliation against his condescending attitude towards me over the past few days. However, I don't know what kind of magical potion that woman has poured over Qianbei Ye to cause my image to disappear from his eyes."

    Wen Ya sighed gently. Murong Qian has been completely spoiled rotten by the Master of the Murong family which has made her so undisciplined and out of control.

    She would destroy something or someone which she has set her sights on rather than hand it over to anyone else.

    "Xiao Qian, you must remember, as one of the Great Protectors, we must watch our dignity in public. Do you have any idea how much shame you've brought upon the Great Protectors with your attitude today? What would the public think of us, the Three Great Protectors?" Wen Ya laughed bitterly. "That woman had killed powerful cultivators from the Wen family. Do you think I can swallow this bitter pill? It's equivalent to her slapping the Wen family in the face but I had no choice but to apologize. Only then will I be able to save a bit of dignity for the Wen family."
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