Chapter 1309: The First Confrontation With Wen Ya (6)

    Chapter 1309: The First Confrontation With Wen Ya (6)

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    "Sister Wen Ya, are we going to let her off just like that?" Murong Qian bit her lip as her face filled with dissatisfaction.

    Let her off?


    Wen Ya laughed icily, "Don't forget, she must be here to participate in the Secret Order's assessment. During this assessment, I will find a way to make her mysteriously disappear! This way, not only will we be able to kill her, we'd be able to save the Great Protectors' image.'

    Murong Qian stared at Wen Ya in shock. She came to a sudden realization that Wen Ya's schemes were far too deep. Even though Wen Ya may hate Gu Ruoyun to the point of insanity, she could force it down and put up a calm face. Besides, she would even admit to her mistakes and apologize while secretly planning the other's demise.

    A woman like that was just too scary...

    Murong Qian shivered as she lowered her head, not daring to look at Wen Ya anymore.

    At this moment, Wen Ya was now deep in thought. Hence, she did not notice the peculiar look on Murong Qian's face...


    "Looks like everyone is here now."

    The crowd was in the midst of a fervent discussion when a cold, distant, and haughty voice rang out.

    Everyone turned around in unison and their eyes fell upon the white-robed Left Emissary.

    "I will now issue your mission for this assessment," said the Left Emissary indifferently. His eyes were filled with arrogance as he continued, "Your first mission is to survive in the deep recesses of the Celestial Mountain for half a month! There are many spiritual beasts residing deep in the Celestial Mountain so it's likely that many accidents may happen. The Secret Order will not take responsibility if you were to die accidentally. Hence, I hope that you've thought this through. You should now decide whether you will participate in this assessment or leave this place!"

    The crowd looked at each other. After all, the rewards offered by the Secret Order was much too attractive. Hence, even if they knew the dangers of this assessment, they refused to back down.

    "Since no one is leaving, we shall enter the section for assessment. You will only be allowed to enter the next competition after going through this assessment."

    The Left Emissary looked at the crowd. His voice was indifferent and calm as he issued the order.

    "Stay in the deep end of Celestial Mountain for half a month?" Murong Qian was shocked. She then laughed icily and sent a vicious glare towards Gu Ruoyun while her eyes flickered with murderous intent. "This is a great opportunity! Gu Ruoyun, don't blame me for being cruel, it's your own fault for snatching the man I like!"

    Her eyes filled with murderous intent as she glared fixedly at the green-robed woman standing in the crowd.


    The Vermillion Bird wrinkled her attractive brows as her cute little face filled with anger and dissatisfaction. "I want to kill that fellow! She actually has the audacity to stare at you!"

    "We have many opportunities to kill her later."

    Gu Ruoyun stroked the Vermillion Bird's head as she smiled.

    The Vermillion Bird still does not feel too happy about it and she could not help but turn around and glare at Murong Qian.

    However, her actions thoroughly angered Murong Qian, causing her to exclaim in disdain, "The Celestial Mountain is fraught with danger yet someone is bringing a small child to join this assessment. Does she think that the Secret Order's assessment is like playing house?"

    Instantly, all eyes turned towards Gu Ruoyun.

    Earlier on, even though the Vermillion Bird had tagged along by Gu Ruoyun's side, the crowd had focused their attention upon her dispute with the Great Protectors so they had not noticed the Vermillion Bird's presence at all.

    Now that they've seen her, was that not the case?

    This woman has actually brought a child to participate in the competition.

    By doing so, she was looking down on them all thinking that this child could defeat them!

    "Haha, am I seeing things? Someone's actually brought a child to participate in the assessment!"
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