Chapter 1310: The First Confrontation With Wen Ya (7)

    Chapter 1310: The First Confrontation With Wen Ya (7)

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    "Tsk, tsk. What kind of a place does she think this is? I was under the impression that she has some great power since she had dared to raise a dispute against the Great Protectors. In the end, not only are her numbers incomplete, she has actually resorted to using child labor. Is this little girl even a Martial Emperor?"

    "This little girl has no trace of spiritual energy fluctuations on her body. I reckon she hasn't even started cultivating."

    The crowd burst into laughter as they stared disdainfully at Gu Ruoyun's party.

    The Vermillion Bird was now really angry. If Tianqiong did not restrain her, she would probably have charged out to fight these people.

    "Don't be hasty!" Tianqiong furrowed his brows. "Don't cause trouble for our Master!"

    The Vermillion Bird scoffed and glared angrily at the people who were taunting her. She then slinked reluctantly back to Gu Ruoyun's side.

    "Child, I'd advise you to go back and drink your milk! This is no place for you."

    "That's right, still such a small child. I wonder what kind of parents she has to be so cruel to let her join this competition. This is pretty much like pushing the little kid into a fire pit!"

    As they spoke, the crowd glanced over at Gu Ruoyun in an obvious manner. In their opinion, Gu Ruoyun was the little girl's mother yet she has viciously pulled her in to make up the numbers with inferior products! For the sake of joining the assessment, she didn't even heed the child's life.

    Zi Yun and Chu Luo, who had overheard their taunting, displayed a rather odd look on their faces.

    A little child?

    For goodness sake, this little child is much older than their ancestors.

    The two shook their heads and sighed exasperatedly. It was the little lolita's fault for having such deceptive looks.

    Had they not mistaken her for a child who was only a few years old too in the beginning?

    "Bunch of fools!"

    The Vermillion Bird clenched her fists and scoffed icily. She then turned her proud and lovable head around and no longer bothered to look at the noisy humans.

    Once she enters the competition segment, she would show those idiotic humans her true potential!

    Wen Ya eyed the Vermillion Bird and raised her willowy brows as a bewildered look flashed in her eyes.

    She was not sure if she was mistaken but she sensed that this little maiden was not as simple as she looks...

    "As long as she is below the age of thirty, anyone can participate in this assessment." The Left Emissary frowned as he looked at the Vermillion Bird amidst the crowd. However, he did not chase her away and continued to speak indifferently, "Even if she's only three years old, she may participate in this competition! It's getting late, I'll send my men to escort you to the deep end of Celestial Mountain. Whether you live or die will depend on your own abilities."

    After saying this, he straightened his sleeves before turning around and leaving.

    He did not hesitate at all...


    Celestial Mountain.

    The trees were lush and green at the deep end of the mountain. One would occasionally sense the powerful aura of a spiritual beast.

    However, the spiritual beasts which intended to charge out seemed to sense something and quietly backed off. As a result, no spiritual beast caused any trouble for Gu Ruoyun's party since they entered the deep end of Celestial Mountain.

    "Master, didn't those people say that the deep end of this Celestial Mountain is fraught with dangers? We've been here for nearly five days now and we haven't even seen a single spiritual beast."

    Zi Yun looked somewhat unsatisfied. He had looked forward to having a good fight with the spiritual beasts so he could understand how powerful the spiritual beasts of Celestial Mountain were! However, he never thought that even after five days in the forest, they still would not bump into a single spiritual beast.

    The Vermillion Bird's mouth twitched. Those spiritual beasts aren't idiots. Master isn't just carrying the Divine Weapon, the Nine Emperors, along with her. She also has Leader Zixie's aura surrounding her. If those spiritual beasts approached her, wouldn't they be courting death?
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