Chapter 1312: The First Confrontation With Wen Ya (9)

    Chapter 1312: The First Confrontation With Wen Ya (9)

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    The brute's subordinates were in shock. They then turned around and tried to escape.

    However, why would the Vermillion Bird, who had long lost her patience, give them an opportunity to do so? She unleashed her flames with one blast and dealt with everyone on site. They were burned into ashes immediately and not even their bodies could be found.

    It was as if those people had never existed at all.

    "Looks like we're going to be very busy after this."

    Gu Ruoyun shrugged and exclaimed in exasperation.

    "Let's go, we shall find a place to rest first."

    "Yes, Master."

    Chu Luo returned to Gu Ruoyun's side, joined her fists and replied.

    Over the past six months, she had seen too many miracles from Gu Ruoyun so the pride in her heart had been slowly polished away.

    There was a cave near them. Gu Ruoyun entered the cave and left Chu Luo and Zi Yun to stand guard outside. She then stayed in the cave and cultivated, racing against time...

    Gu Ruoyun, who was cultivating in the cave, was blissfully unaware that a storm has brewed in Celestial Mountain because of her. Everyone had joined in the search for her group for the sake of obtaining Murong Qian's promised pills.

    Unfortunately, after searching for more than ten days, they could find no trace of the woman.

    It was as if she has evaporated from the human world...

    Soon, the end of the assessment had arrived. In half a month's time, countless humans had died in the claws of spiritual beasts. Of course, the number of spiritual beasts that they had managed to kill was rather substantial as well. As a result, Celestial Mountain was littered with corpses and blood was soaked into the ground everywhere.

    Meanwhile, the organizations who had passed the assessment walked out one by one into the area surrounding Celestial Mountain. As for those who had not re-emerged, all of them were certainly dead by now.

    "Sister Wen Ya, that woman still hasn't reappeared. She must have died in the Celestial Mountain's deep end!"

    Murong Qian smiled in excitement as her eyes continued to glance at the path in front of her from time to time. When she saw no sign of that hateful figure, the smile on her face grew even more pronounced. "I had used pills as a promise to deal with her! Anyone who kills her can come to me and collect one Spirit Gathering Pill! However, after such a long time, those fools still haven't found her at all. How infuriating!"

    Murong Qian's smile then faded and she stomped her foot in anger before she continued to speak, "Since she still hasn't emerged, she must have died under the claws of some spiritual beast. She's probably been swallowed whole until not even her body was left. This was also why my men haven't been able to find her!"

    It goes without saying that Murong Qian has a rather vivid imagination. In her mind, Gu Ruoyun was already dead and not even her body was left. This was why so many people were unable to find any trace of her...

    Wen Ya knitted her brows and looked at Murong Qian. She then turned her attention towards a nearby mountain range as her eyes flashed with an unreadable emotion.

    She could not shake off this feeling that Gu Ruoyun would never have died so easily!

    "Xiao Qian, don't underestimate Gu Ruoyun. The people by her side are also not as straightforward. Even though her powers may not be all that great, she could still survive in Celestial Mountain's deep recesses."

    Murong Qian laughed, "Sister Wen Ya, you're overthinking things. Gu Ruoyun certainly doesn't have that kind of ability! My men haven't been able to find her because she's been eaten alive. Are you saying that I should have the others search for her in a spiritual beast's belly?"

    Wen Ya shook her head and sighed. Murong Qian was certainly a specimen with well-developed limbs but the empty head of a moron.
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