Chapter 1313: The Competition (1)

    Chapter 1313: The Competition (1)

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    If it was not for the fact that this girl holds the Murong family name, it was likely that no one in the First City would entertain her at all.

    Just as Murong Qian had become excited thinking about Gu Ruoyun's death, her gaze instantly hardened and the shock in her eyes turned into anger. She then glared dead-on at the elegant figure.

    "How can this be? How could she still alive?"

    A figure was cooly approaching them under the sunlight.

    This made Murong Qian's heart burn with an anger that radiated from her body uncontrollably.

    "She's still alive!"

    I hate her!

    How could Murong Qian not feel hatred?

    In her point of view, she would only stand the chance to get Qianbei Ye when this woman has died!

    Wen Ya smiled indifferently, "See, I told you that Gu Ruoyun wouldn't die so easily. Now, will you believe in what I say?"

    At that moment, Murong Qian could no longer hear what Ya had said. She continued to glare angrily at Gu Ruoyun as a raging flame burned within her heart. She felt a huge urge to walk up to the woman and tear her to pieces!

    However, she was very aware that the Secret Order was the organizer of this assessment.

    In this world, the only people she could never cross were the members of the Secret Order!

    Hence, no matter how angry she was, she had no choice but to show restraint.

    "It's time. Those who should have returned have already returned. As for everyone else, I can only express my sympathy for their unfortunate circumstances." The Left Emissary walked towards the crowd from the front. He then stepped onto a high stage and passed his gaze through the crowd. He then continued neutrally, "You may all go back and get some rest tonight. We will continue with the competition tomorrow."

    "Yes, Lord Left Emissary."

    Those people who have passed the assessment were very grateful as they joined their fists with reverence and replied.



    The moonlight was as clear as water, quiet and enticing.

    The Left Emissary was sitting in a guest house and he gently picked up a teacup before carefully pursing his lips to taste it.

    As the tea was too hot, he put it back down.


    Knock, knock, knock!

    Someone knocked on the door, causing him to furrow his brows as he said, "Come in."

    Once he had spoken, the door was pushed open.

    He watched as Wen Ya, who was dressed in light yellow robes, entered the room.

    "Wen Ya?" The Left Emissary was shocked. He staggered to his feet and his heart clenched. "What are you doing here? Has something happened to Yue'er?"

    Wen Ya smiled and slowly walked into the room. She then took a seat gracefully and poured herself a cup of tea.

    "Lord Left Emissary, I've come to ask for your help."


    The Left Emissary furrowed his brows, "Are you talking about the matters surrounding the competition? I can help you attain the top three places so you can rest assured."

    "It's not that," Wen Ya shook her head. "I want your help in dealing with someone."

    "Wen Ya," The Left Emissary's expression turned cold as he replied calmly, "You know the Secret Order's rules. If you have any grudge against someone in the competition, you'll have to deal with it yourself. I can't help you with this at all. As a referee, I cannot be impartial now. I absolutely can't help you in going against anyone else."

    Wen Ya's eyes flickered and she laughed gracefully, "Lord Left Emissary, don't you want Yue'er anymore?"

    "What do you mean?"

    The Left Emissary's expression has turned very icy, "Wen Ya, are you threatening me?"

    "It's not a threat." A light flashed in Wen Ya's eyes. "I'm just here to warn you, Lord Left Emissary, that the woman named Gu Ruoyun is Gu Shengxiao's little sister!"
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