Chapter 1315: The Competition (3)

    Chapter 1315: The Competition (3)

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    "Even if Yue'er doesn't want to be with Gu Shengxiao, Gu Ruoyun would still take her away, and send her straight into Gu Shengxiao's bed!" Wen Ya's eyes were turned towards the Left Emissary's increasingly deteriorating expression. She curled the corners of her lips, "Do you want your woman to be forced into the bed of another man and forced down by another man for the rest of her life?"

    The Left Emissary clenched his fist tighter and tighter as a wave of agony filled his heart.

    Now, whenever he thought about Wen Yue being coerced by another man, he would look rather teary-eyed and his heart would throb in agony. In the end, he took a deep breath and said, "What should I do?"

    Even heroes have a weakness for the charms of a beautiful woman!

    Even though he did not wish to commit a violation and do something so unfair, he had no choice for Wen Yue's sake!

    No one will harm my Yue'er!

    Anyone who makes Yue'er shed a tear must die!

    "Lord Left Emissary, as long as you help me, I believe that Gu Ruoyun will die tragically in the end!"

    Wen Ya chuckled softly.

    Gu Ruoyun, this is the price you'll pay for attacking the Wen family!

    Furthermore, your older brother is Gu Shengxiao so you must die! It's your brother's fault for escaping which resulted in the Wen family's experiment failing!

    "Lord Left Emissary." Wen Ya curled her lips when she noticed the agitated look on the Left Emissary's face and spoke again, "You don't need to feel troubled over being an unfair referee. Besides, even if you kill Gu Ruoyun, I'm sure the Secret Order wouldn't do anything to you. You're the Secret Order's emissary after all! Are they really going to go against you for the sake of an outsider?"

    The Left Emissary laughed bitterly.

    This fellow really doesn't understand the institutional regulations of the Secret Order.

    Since the Secret Order has hidden from worldly affairs, they cannot engage themselves in ordinary affairs. If he helped Wen Ya to attack Gu Ruoyun and the Secret Order were to find out about this, they would throw him out for sure! Hence, he was taking a huge risk this time.

    "Yue'er, I would do anything for you! Even if I have to betray the Secret Order, I won't regret it!" The Left Emissary stared into the night sky outside the window and muttered to himself, "I have no choice but to kill this Gu Ruoyun woman for the sake of your happiness. Otherwise, she will hurt you one day! I don't want anything like that to happen..."

    Wen Ya's smile grew more pronounced when she saw that the Left Emissary has fallen for her words. She then slowly rose to her feet and said, "Left Emissary, I'm leaving now, don't forget your promise."

    The Left Emissary waved his hand and gently closed his eyes. He did not look at Wen Ya anymore.

    What more say anything else to her...

    Wen Ya did not mind that either. She then turned around and left after taking leave. Once she was safely out the door, her face no longer displayed her usual elegance. There was an icy chill in her smile as she said, "That's all there is to the Left Emissary of the Secret Order, easily manipulated with the use of a woman! I only need to hold this trump card in my hand and from now on, the Governor himself would need to show courtesy to the Wen family! It's a lucky thing that I had managed to secure Wen Yue after Wen Yan had betrayed the family. Otherwise, I would never have been able to hold a trump card like her."

    She had secured Wen Yue at that time, anticipating the day when she could be used as a tool to form a marriage alliance...

    It was a good thing that her moment of usefulness has finally arrived and that she could be used to control the Left Emissary of the Secret Order!

    Wen Ya took one last look at the tightly shut room door when she thought of this and chuckled coldly. She then turned around and left, disappearing from the halls of the guest house...
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