Chapter 1316: The Competition (4)

    Chapter 1316: The Competition (4)

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    The next day.

    A high stage has been erected at Celestial Mountain's peak. The surrounding area of the stage was guarded by powerful cultivators of the Secret Order. They looked as solid as sculptures and as unwavering as mountains.

    Once the white-robed cultivator entered the area, the entire mountain range fell silent. All eyes followed his every move and their gaze was filled with a sense of anticipation.

    "Following the last assessment, we still have over ten organizations left." The Left Emissary stepped onto the stage as the crowd watched. His eyes were filled with a sense of arrogance as he stared down at the crowd beneath him with cold indifference. "Only the top three names would receive the right to enter the Secret Order. Hence, more than ten organizations who will be disqualified in this competition!"

    The crowd was already anxious about the next challenge. They looked at each other as their eyes filled with anticipation.

    Everyone was of the opinion that the strongest amongst them were second only to the Murong and the Wen family. Besides, since the Ouyang family has yet to send their representatives, there was still one more slot available in the top three ranks.

    The crowd's spirit began to surge like the waters of a lake at the thought of this and their expression filled with a determination for victory.

    "In this challenge, aside from ability, you must depend on luck as well!"

    The Left Emissary continued coldly, "Next, I will use the Secret Order's Space Teleportation Spell to send you to the cultivation grounds! This Teleportation Spell will teleport at random! The places you will be sent to are not confirmed!"

    The Left Emissary saw the curious looks in the crowd's eyes and continued his explanation.

    "That place is divided into five levels. The first level contains the weakest species of spiritual beasts while the fifth level contains the most powerful spiritual beasts! The Teleportation Spell will send you to face the spiritual beasts. You may only return once you've killed a hundred of them."

    A hundred spiritual beasts!

    The crowd was shocked upon hearing this.

    Indeed, the Secret Order's assessment would not be so easy. If they ended up being sent to face refined state spiritual beasts, they would lose their lives there! However, if they were lucky enough, they would only have to face low-ranking spiritual beasts and this assessment would be equivalent to giving marks away!

    "If you're ready, you may go now."

    The Left Emissary looked at the excited crowd as he exclaimed calmly.

    Just as he had spoken, a group immediately brought a formation into view. The formation emitted a faint white light.

    It was obvious that this formation was the Teleportation Spell which the Left Emissary had mentioned...

    The Left Emissary swept his gaze across the crowd and focused his eyes upon Gu Ruoyun's face. An obvious struggle flashed in his eyes but in the end, he hardened his heart and said, "This Teleportation Spell will take you to where you need to go. Whether you will be able to return without incident will depend on your own abilities."

    "Yes, Lord Left Emissary."

    Upon hearing this, many people stepped forward to test it out. Some looked absolutely nervous, afraid of having the unfortunate luck of being sent to the fifth level...

    "Master, what is it?"

    Chu Luo noticed that Gu Ruoyun was lost in thought and asked, puzzled.

    Gu Ruoyun smiled, "Nothing. Chu Luo, you must all prepare yourselves as we may hit the jackpot. The members of the Secret Order are keeping a close eye on us."

    The look that the Left Emissary had sent her contained too much meaning and Gu Ruoyun had managed to figure out his intentions very quickly.

    "A close eye?"

    Zi Yun turned towards Gu Ruoyun as well. His eyes were filled with astonishment. "Master, what do you mean?"


    The Vermillion Bird smacked Zi Yun's head and replied in an exasperated manner over his failure to improve. "The meaning behind Master's words is very simple, that *sshole Left Emissary wants to harm us so we will most certainly be sent to the fifth level!"
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