Chapter 1320: Late-Stage Exceptional State (3)

    Chapter 1320: Late-Stage Exceptional State (3)

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    First, she had absorbed the Nine Underworld Flames to reach the exceptional state instantly.

    Now, she has been promoted all the way again and has reached the late stage of the exceptional state.

    However, if she wants to continue breaking through to the refined state, it would not be so easy...

    Chu Luo looked rather envious as she watched how Gu Ruoyun had broken through so easily. After all, back when she had tried to break through from the early-stage to the late-stage of the exceptional state, not only had she used up a lot of time and experience, she had to go through a lot of dangers as well.

    Gu Ruoyun was certainly very lucky to have broken through so easily.

    How very frustrating!

    "That's just about the number of spiritual beasts we need to kill. It's almost time for us to leave now."

    Gu Ruoyun looked at the group as she spoke.

    "Something's not right." Chu Luo furrowed her brows. "Lord Left Emissary had mentioned that as long as we've killed a hundred spiritual beasts, we could leave this place. How are we supposed to leave now? I've counted that we've killed more than a hundred of them!"

    Gu Ruoyun fell silent. Just as she was about to speak, an angry roar sounded from the front. The roar shook the heavens and earth and the hearts of everyone in the group trembled...


    Chu Luo's gaze changed from astonishment to shock. Her eyes widened as her expression filled with fear. Her entire body was trembling.

    A scarlet stone dragon appeared before their very eyes. There were chains wrapped around its body which rattled as it moved. Its entire body was also covered in stony scales and it looks tough and powerful.

    "Master, this spiritual beast is above the rank of the refined state!"


    Chu Luo's face drained of color as she backed away in fear, "This is most certainly the fifth level! When I saw the spiritual beasts which had come before, I had thought that we had only been sent to the fourth level. I never thought that he had actually sent us to the fifth level!"

    Only the fifth level would contain a ninth transformation spiritual beast!

    Gu Ruoyun narrowed her eyes as she looked at the chains on the stone dragon's body. A light flickered in her eyes but she did not say very much.

    Her expression was filled with deep fear as well...


    At Celestial Mountain's peak.

    The organizations which have finished slaughtering the required number of spiritual beasts gradually stepped out. The once peaceful and quiet Celestial Mountain has now become noisy and bustling. Everyone was exchanging their experiences in the battle but not one of them saw any trace of the Left Emissary at all...

    Meanwhile, in a guest house, the Left Emissary was holding a token in his hand. An elderly person's angry voice could be heard as they screamed from the token.

    "Mu Chu, explain this to me. What on earth is going on that you have allowed someone to enter the fifth level of the training pagoda!"

    The voice was filled with rage. "Didn't I tell you? You may use the training pagoda as an assessment but no one is allowed to enter the fifth level! Don't you know what kind of a place the fifth level is? That's only used for punishing the Secret Order's traitors. Only the four levels below it are considered as training grounds!"

    The Left Emissary lowered his head and a sense of guilt flashed in his eyes along with an endless, twisted feeling.

    "Elder, this was indeed my fault. I had accidentally caused this. I never intended for her to enter the fifth level yet I had forgotten to lock the fifth level!" The Left Emissary's voice was slightly hoarse as he continued, "Once I return to the clan, I will accept my punishment."


    The elder scoffed icily. "Are you aware how infuriated the Clan Leader is? No one can help you this time. You may accept your punishment upon your return! How many times have I told you that the fifth level must never be opened yet you've refused to listen! Forget it, we have no choice but to leave the group in the fifth level to their own fate!"
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