Chapter 1321: Late-Stage Exceptional State (4)

    Chapter 1321: Late-Stage Exceptional State (4)

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    The elder's voice was filled with disappointment and made the Left Emissary's heart throb fiercely.

    He was just about to make another explanation when the voice in the token was cut off. He shuddered and a bitter smile crept upon the corners of his lips, "The elders and the Clan Leader are now thoroughly disappointed in me. Perhaps I've really have let them down. However, I can't have any regrets! I would do anything for Yue'er's sake, even betraying the Secret Order!"

    After saying his piece, the Left Emissary lifted his eyes as his gaze filled with determination.

    Not just anyone was allowed to enter the fifth level of the training pagoda because it holds a terrifying existence! Only the criminals of the Secret Order would be sent to the training pagoda's fifth level to accept death!

    He, on the other hand, had committed this taboo and sent the ones under assessment to the fifth level. That was why the elder was so disappointed...

    "Yue'er, perhaps a severe punishment awaits me when I return to the Secret Order but I have no regrets!"

    He smiled and it was filled with tenderness as if he was remembering the woman's exquisite features. His eyes filled with gentleness, a stark contrast from his usual cold and distant air when faced with other people.

    "Lord Left Emissary."

    Just then, a voice sounded from outside the door. "The assessment is almost finished. The ones who have gone into the training pagoda have now returned. Do we still need to ascend Celestial Mountain?"

    "Alright, I'll head over straight away."

    The Left Emissary stepped out from his deep thoughts and his voice returned to his typically cold and distant manner. He then placed his arms behind his back and walked out...


    At the fifth level of the training pagoda.

    Under the scorching hot sun, the stone dragon shifted the chains on his body as it walked towards Gu Ruoyun's party. His eyes were fierce and bloodthirsty which made one tremble with fear.

    The rattling sound of the chains with his every move was like a heavy weight which slammed into everyone's heart.


    The Vermillion Bird quickly stepped in front of Gu Ruoyun to guard her. Her eyes stared vigilantly at the stone dragon as she muttered softly, "It's too powerful. The Azure Dragon and I combined would not be any match for it! I think we'd better run for it."


    Gu Ruoyun shook her head in exasperation, "Where can we run off to? If we don't kill this spiritual beast, we'll never be able to leave this place!"

    Tianqiong did not say very much. His cold face carried a sense of cautiousness too as he stared icily at the stone dragon approaching them...


    The stone dragon stopped in front of Gu Ruoyun and eyed her coldly, "Did the Secret Order members send you here so that I could kill you?"

    "We're not from the Secret Order." Chu Luo's expression changed drastically as she hurriedly explained, "We're only here to participate in the Secret Order's training and were accidentally sent to this place. We didn't mean to disturb you, would it be alright if you let us leave this place?"

    They had already slaughtered of the spiritual beasts here. Logically speaking, they should be able to leave.

    However, the way out has yet to appear.

    There was only one reason for this, they still needed to kill this stone dragon or he could let them go...


    Suddenly, the stone dragon was stunned. He swept his gaze across Gu Ruoyun then turned his attention towards the Azure Dragon and the Vermillion Bird who were standing in front of her.

    "Why do you carry my dragon clan's aura? Have you met the old ancestor of my dragon clan?"

    A light flashed in Gu Ruoyun's eyes when she heard this and she said, "That's right, we had run into an ancestor of the dragon clan and received his inheritance. Furthermore, I've even promised him that I would take care of the dragon clan in his place."
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