Chapter 1325: Shes Not Dead (4)

    Chapter 1325: She's Not Dead (4)

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    "Haha, Gu Ruoyun, you can't be thinking of using this broken sword to fight me?" Her smile was filled with ridicule as she stared disdainfully at Gu Ruoyun. "You can't even break our defenses with that sword yet you want to use it in a fight against us, what a joke!"

    Gu Ruoyun remained as cool and calm as ever as she stared at the crowd charing towards her as if she had not heard Murong Qian's disdainful laugh at all.

    She suddenly made her move!

    A layer of sword energy wrapped around the broken sword in her hand before shooting towards her nearest opponent.

    A ray of light flash from the sword and a bloody gash appeared on the man's chest. Blood instantly began to spill from the wound.

    At the same time, a man behind him charged towards her and aimed his sword at her head with a fierce light in his eyes!


    Suddenly, a black flame appeared behind Gu Ruoyun. The flames split apart as if it was opening its mouth and smiling at the over-confident man.

    The man was shocked and at that moment, the Nine Underworld Flames released a powerful force and swallowed the man with a bang. Even his body had vanished entirely from the arena...

    A mid-stage exceptional state cultivator had just died that way!

    Murong Qian's face turned incomparably pale as she stared at Gu Ruoyun in shock, "How can this be? She's only at the early stage of the exceptional state. How can she have such great power? Besides..."

    "Late-stage exceptional state!"

    Wen Ya, who was next to her, took a deep breath and slowly spat, "She has already broken through to the late stage of the exceptional state."

    Late-stage exceptional state?

    Murong Qian gritted her teeth and her heart throbbed in agony as her tender expression twisted into a bunch. She then fixed her venomous glare at Gu Ruoyun.

    "Impossible, wasn't she at the early-stage of the exceptional state? She had only entered the training pagoda, how could she have broken through so suddenly?"

    She simply could not understand how this woman had managed to have a breakthrough!

    After all, this was the exceptional state, not a Martial General or a Martial King! Why does she feel as if Gu Ruoyun's breakthroughs were as easy as drinking a cup of water?

    "Xiao Qian, I'm afraid that we can't touch this woman for the time being." A cold light flashed in Wen Ya's eyes. "Her powers have surpassed our imagination and our knowledge. Even if we were to join forces, we might not be able to take her down. Besides, the broken sword in her hand is no ordinary weapon but a spiritual weapon!"

    A spiritual weapon?

    Murong Qian gently pursed her lips, feeling thoroughly irritated, "Sister Wen Ya, are you saying that we have no choice but to let her off now? What if this woman comes after us for vengeance?"

    Hearing this, Wen Ya laughed icily.

    Even if Gu Ruoyun chooses to have her revenge, she would be looking for Murong Qian, not her.

    She has never exposed her intentions to murder her and neither has she caused her any trouble. Only the idiot Murong Qian would showcase all her intentions on her face...

    Chu Luo and the two beasts did not participate in the battle, only Zi Yun was unable to contain himself and rushed out. However, the opponents around him were geniuses and their powers were certainly not inferior to his. He was soon injured.

    Gu Ruoyun glanced at Zi Yun and threw him a pill, "Swallow this pill and step away."


    Zi Yun swallowed the pill and replied pitifully. He then backed away to Chu Luo and the others. However, his eyes still burned with flames as he stared at the battle before him.
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